Israeli UN Ambassador: PA Leader Abbas Is Not Committed to Peace 

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“If Abbas was truly interested in peace, he wouldn’t be here, he would be in Jerusalem,” Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon told the UN Security Council on Tuesday, reports Lahav Harkov for the JPost.
 “Complaining instead of action – that is not leadership. Abbas says he wants sovereignty for the Palestinian people, but he has done everything to avoid it.”
Danon praised the U.S. approach for not “accept[ing] out-of-date concepts…[and] a formula that has failed for over 70 years….Abbas refuses to be pragmatic [and] refuses to negotiate….Only when he steps down can Israel and the Palestinians step forward. He will never be a partner for real peace.”
Earlier, Danon said, “The Palestinian people deserve a leader like Anwar Sadat, like [former Jordanian] King Hussein, a leader that is committed to peace. Mr. Abbas is not that leader.” He will come to the UN and say he wants peace, while he “remains committed to incitement at home…encouraging Palestinian violence against Israelis.”
Read more at JPOST.


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