Israel’s First Lunar Mission To Launch This Week

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin looks back at Tranquility Base during the 1969 Apollo 11 moon mission. MUST CREDIT: NASA handout photo
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Israel is to launch its first moon mission this week, sending an unmanned spacecraft to collect data to be shared with NASA, organizers said Monday.

Israeli space exploration firm SpaceIL, together with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), will launch a 585-kilogram (1,290-pound) Beresheet (Genesis) spacecraft into orbit from Cape Canaveral, Florida at around 0145 GMT on Friday.

So far, only the US, Russia and China have landed spacecrafts on the moon. The Chinese craft made the first ever soft landing on the far side of the moon on January 3.I

“We are entering history and are proud to belong to a group that has dreamed and fulfilled the vision shared by many countries in the world but that so far only three of them have accomplished,” SpaceIL president Morris Kahn said.

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  1. This is funny. Shooting Genesis to the moon. Can Adam come out and play? Jews will be dusting off their space rocks.

    For Adar.

  2. NASA was created in 1958 and already 11 years later they were able to fly astronauts to the moon. Yes, sure!@#$%

    Their lunar lander in 1969 was made out of cardboard and aluminum foil stuck together with Duck Tape (as was seen on NASA’s original pictures which they have since removed). It had to go through extreme radiation of the Van Allen Belts which needed 4 feet thickness of protection which made the trip impossible, especially with 1960’s technology. And astronauts were able to withstand a temperature from -225 to +243 Fahrenheit every single day and night. Yes, sure !@#$%
    There’s good reason why Neil Armstrong didn’t want to swear on the Bible that he was really on the moon. Besides, who was holding the camera to film the lunar lander coming down?

    And Israel is trying to fool the people with their first lunar mission this week? Anyone who believes any of this is a first class idiot.

      • It’s probably not the same Moon as we’re mechadesh every month – according to Anonymous 2:36’s rationale. It must be to Moon in South Korea.

    • You seem to have some advanced scientific knowledge, but why is it you cant fathom that man can go to the moon? What would prove to you that there were people who actually have landed there and returned to earth and that the Israelis will actually land a spacecraft on the moon?

      • #1 How in the world can a human being pass the EXTREME radiation of the Van Allen Belts?
        #2 How in the world can a human being withstand a temperature from -225 to +243 Fahrenheit every single day and night?
        #3 Do you have any proof than anyone ever landed on the moon when NASA admitted, “We can’t get there”?

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