Ivanka On Donald’s Constant Campaigning: “Almost Like He’s a Machine”


Donald Trump’s children say the presidential campaign has “buoyed and fueled” their father. Ivanka Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Monday night that the stories of American people had motivated Trump throughout the campaign and given him the energy required to stick to a rigorous schedule.

“You meet so many people and you hear their incredible stories. … It’s the fuel that motivates you, and I see it every day,” Ivanka Trump said. “Yesterday my father was in six states, it’s almost like he’s a machine,” she said. “He’s buoyed and fueled by the energy of the people and by their belief in him as an agent of change.” The Republican nominee’s younger daughter Tiffany agreed with that sentiment.

Tiffany and Ivanka appeared on “Hannity” along with Donald Trump Jr. after a rally in New Hampshire earlier in the night. Read more at the HILL.




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