Ivanka Trump: Father Asked Me To Daven For Him


In a new book, President Donald Trump’s Jewish daughter Ivanka credits her religious observance for having enabled her to unwind during last year’s election campaign.

“In the max peak craziness of October, I was so grateful for the Jewish holidays, which forced me to take a break and allowed me to spend several days focused entirely on my family,” Trump, a 35-year-old mother of three, wrote in her memoir Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success — excerpts of which were published on Monday by Fortune magazine.

Shortly before the November election, Trump — who converted to Judaism in 2009 before marrying her husband Jared Kushner — told a synagogue gathering in Florida that her father had asked for her prayers during the High Holidays several weeks earlier.

Noting that the holidays fell “in the midst of, let’s just say an important time in my life and my family’s life,” Trump — according to a recording obtained by The Algemeiner — told the crowd at The Shul, located between the Miami suburbs of Bal Harbour and Surfside. “My father didn’t even give me a hard time about it once. You know what he would say right before Yom Tov — he would call and say, ‘You better pray hard for me.’ I’d say, ‘Yes dad, we will pray hard.’ Then he’d call Jared and say, ‘Jared, you gotta pray hard for me.’ So he covered all of the bases.”

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  1. a very nice human interest story, right? but, mark my words, the media will take this story, twist it, and put a spin on it that will end up being critical of our President. They are experts at this. let’s wait and see.

  2. Dear Ivanka,
    Study Nach

    If you and your husband interfere & block much of the Religious Exemption Executive Action,it will block your prayers .

    One example
    Isaiah Chapter 1

  3. Donald is a good person.
    What won me over: He forfeited his salary.
    One feels that he has the financial success and safety of the US on his mind.

  4. The problem is, the Halacha clearly states that uncovered hair on a married woman is erva and can’t daven in front of such a woman.

  5. @Let’s be honest: So, we suggest that Ivanka start her own brand of shaitels, and to prove how high quality they are, she should wear them herself.

  6. @? – With all due respect, the Aruch HaShulchan clearly states, as it says in the Shulchan Aruch, that hair is erva, and he adds, that “b’pritzus doreinu” it has become common place for married women to go out with uncovered hair. So, he suggests, “perhaps” a berachah could be said in front of it. Go take a look at what he writes.


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