Ivanka Trump Sends Her Daughter Off To Jewish Sleepaway Camp


Staff and campers at Camp Morasha must have been surprised to see Secret Service show up to buses as President Trump’s daughter Ivanka arrived to say goodbye to her daughter Arielle who is taking a 3 day trip at Camp Morasha.

According to the camp’s website, the ‘Morasha Mania’ program is meant for prospective campers to experience Morasha first-hand.

“Children enjoy three days and two nights in camp, immersed in all aspects of Camp,” the websitre says.” From sports to swimming, theater productions to pool parties, horseback riding to rock climbing – your children will come home with a great feel for what Camp Morasha is all about.”

Secret service reportedly will be staying with the Trump grandchild, with one agent staying at a bunk next door and others in a hotel nearby. ‬

(Photo Credit – @ Belaaz)




  1. I hop[e she has a great and relaxing time. I feel for these kids surrounded by the craziness that goes on all the time.

  2. i believe this is a YU sponsored camp. i know kids who went there and became real shomrei shabbos as a result. in fact, the granddaughter of one ex-camper was valedictorian when she graduated fro a bais yaakov school

  3. Morasha is owned by YU. It has been around for many years and has a stellar reputation. They even have a summer kollel for YU guys on campus.

    It is a co-ed camp with separate campus’ for boys & girls.

    • No, it’s not owned by YU. It does have some YU rebbiem and many staff are YU/Stern….but it’s an independent camp.

    • I went to the summer Kollel at Camp Morasha. I’ll never forget how one hot humid day, seeing the lethargic look on the talmidim’s faces, the rebbe said , “Chevra, close your gemorras. We’re going swimming!”

  4. Poor kid, can’t have a normal life. needs Secret Service wherever she goes. would have been better not to publicize that she is going to camp altogether.

  5. These millionaires should pay for their own private security, or maybe don’t advertise every step the grandchildren are taking.

  6. some of you writers really irk me. be proud of this couple and the way they seem to be raising their kids. of course the president’s grandchildren need security, so send trump the bill. encourage ivanka to continue giving her kids experiences they may never have the opportunity to have otherwise . we have the obligation to welcome these children, they are part of klal yisroel

  7. Beg to differ.. camp Morasha started out as a YU division where the rabbis and staff were chosen specifically for informal Jewish education… over the last many 20 years it morphed into a non for profit “private” camp with YU having very little influence…the buses used to meet at Washington Hts campus, but even that became an inconvenience…. presently it’s leadership is likeminded modern orthodox educators and social workers who are outstanding, educated, motivated young leadership…. Great choice for a first time camping experience… so proud and a hearty “ yashar koach” for such an informed and motivational experience for their child!!!! safe and fun time


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