Jewish Billionaire George Soros To Donate $220 Million To Racial Justice Initiatives

Billionaire George Soros, seen here in January 2018, has promoted democracy in Eastern Europe. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Simon Dawson

Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations pledged Monday to invest $220 million in organizations working to promote racial equality in the US.

According to the foundation, $150 million will be given in five-year grants to “Black-led justice organizations that helped to create and now sustain the momentum towards racial equality.” Racial equality groups like Black Voters Matter and Circle for Justice Innovations are among the recipients.

The remaining $70 million will be divided among local initiatives that support progress towards racial justice.

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  1. Did you mention he started his riches by working with the Nazis and snitching on Jews.
    These are facts and he admitted it with no regrets on 60 minutes.
    He tore down whole countries economies and caus
    He is one of the most evil people if you can call him that on the planet.

  2. this man is NOT Jewish – he was born a Jew but his poor parents are turning over in their graves when they see what their son is up to – a real anti-semite

  3. One day sooner rather than later Mr. Soros will have to face the Heavenly Tribunal and answer why he was helping the enemies of his people.

  4. Don’t refer to this menuval as Jewish. He was born Jewish but it ended there. He was a kapo in concentration camp where he snitched on Jews and turned them in to be murdered by the nazis because they rewarded him with meat and wine. He later stated on a 60 minutes interview that he had no regrets for doing so and he enjoyed the meat and wine. He is the epitome of self hating Jews. The goyishe world sees the word Jewish by his name and then blames us for this piece of dreck.

  5. This is a dumb rage wrath. The cold heart has fat hands.

    Can you donate to a prank on his day. Just let your beard grow in a park. You did more for racism than he.


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