Jewish Families from Syria Quietly Resettled in Louisville, Ky.

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Three of the remaining Jewish families in Syria were quietly brought to the United States and settled in Louisville, Ky.

The Jewish refugees, numbering 13 people including seven children, were smuggled out of Damascus, where they had been living amid the raging civil war since 2011. The families posed as Christian refugees to enter Sweden earlier this year, according to Point of No Return, a blog about Jewish refugees from Arab and Muslim countries.

The families were described as able to speak multiple languages, well off and had done business with the Assad regime, according to the blog.

A Conservative synagogue in Louisville helped the families enter the U.S. and resettle in the southern town, which has already absorbed thousands of Middle Eastern refugees over the past five years.




  1. This story is more sad than anything. It certainly does not fill me with joy. Quite the opposite.

    Syria is very important to the history of the Jewish people for a multitude of reasons. Thus what is happening there today affects the Jews in the Holy Land and elsewhere. It’s an interconnected world in 2016/5776 nu.

    Four key sites in the ancient land have great significance for Jewish history:

    Ain Dara
    The Synagogue in the Old City of Aleppo

    The satanic Syrian Civil War over the past 5 years is a direct reflection of the toxic frame of reference of various “leaders”. Their dis-eased thinking, lack of empathy & hubris means that their terrible decisions have created the evil mess in Syria. Just as thought precedes action so does poor thinking from various “leaders” leads to bad domestic and foreign policy. The ancestors from Aleppo must be turning in their graves now at what has become of their city. They would be shocked at how things have unfolded there since 1948. The current situation in Aleppo is probably the nadir of the city for the past 2800 years !

    1648’s Treaty of Westphalia is a good historical model for a multi-party peace agreement that ended a terrible conflict.

    A Rubik’ Cube can always be solved in 20 moves no matter how diabolical the configuration if the G-d Algorithm is employed !

    I know exactly what series of moves need to be made now to end the Syrian Civil War in the optimal, most peaceful fashion. 

    P.S. There will be no new pan-Kurdish state made up of three contiguous cantons in Syria ! Syria’s borders to remain.
    Creating an approx. 70 km x 40 km “Safe/Buffer Zone” in northern Syria west of the Euphrates River ?

  2. Did we understand this correctly?
    They are now in Louisville, KY joining a conservative temple and you ‘headlined’ this?
    We hope this is NOT the case. Otherwise it would be VERY sad news.

    • I guess you have to read the whole article, not just the headline. Besides–where in the headline did it say this was good news? Third: you have to save the body in order to save the neshomoh–how many Chabad houses, Aish Hatorah, etc are available in Syria?

  3. Since they are coming from a country with a “history of terror” were they subjected to “extreme vetting”? Were they “tested to determine if they share Western liberal values like religious tolerance”?


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