Jewish NBA Player Meets Rav Yaakov Ades, Says He Wears Tefillin

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Humans of Judaism reports that NBA player Omri Casspi posted on his Instagram page that he recently “was privileged to meet with” Rav Yaakov Ades.

Casspi wrote of Rav Ades that he’s “a righteous and pure man.”

“We talked about the merit of wearing Tefillin, Shabbat, kashrut, humility, values, manners and much more,” stated Casspi. “I learned so much from this humble man. He prays for the people of Israel and you will never hear him say a bad word about anyone.”

He continued: “When I asked the Rabbi how he maintains his modesty despite his tremendous genius in Torah, he replied: ‘I know how much greater my Rabbi’s (sic) were’ and he stressed the need to learn more and to progress more. I’m sure we can all take a little and learn from this. Every morning [when I put on my Tefillin] I am thankful for what I have and for what I don’t have and certainly on how lucky I am to learn from such awesome people like this.”

In Hebrew he wrote:

לפני מספר ימים זכיתי לפגוש את הרב יעקב עדס. איש צדיק טהור. דיברנו על הזכות של תפילין, שבת, כשרות,צניעות, ערכים, דרך ארץ ועוד. כמה למדתי מהאיש הענו הזה. מתפלל על עם ישראל ולעולם לא יגיד מילה רעה. כששאלתי איך הרב שומר על צניעות למרות הגאונות האדירה שלו בתורה הוא ענה:״אני יודע כמה גדולים ממני היו רבותיי…״ והדגיש שצריך ללמוד יותר ויש המון להתקדם. בטוח שכל אחד יכול לקחת את זה למקום שלו.
מודה כל בוקר על מה שיש לי ומה שאין ובטח על הזכות ללמוד מאנשים כאלה מדהימים”



  1. Neat!

    I hope he can dribble well. Might be stronger after the day of davening right. He can direct the moods of the basketball court to bigger smiles.


    But its neat!

  2. I think its very nice to see an NBA player, whom normally are the deepest in tumah, yet here is one who understands the appreciates the greatness of a tzaddik. The truth is by Sefardim this is Aleph Beis respect of gedolim.

  3. Change his name from Caspi (money oriented) to Ruchi (spiritually oriented). And PS remove the shel rosh before dunking to prevent rim banging.


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