Jimmy Carter Says Palestinians Live in a ‘Cage’ in Gaza


carterFormer President Jimmy Carter said today that Palestinians are “living in a cage” in Gaza and that the militant group Hamas must be included in all major efforts for peace.

Carter was in Syria with an international group of veteran statesmen known as the Elders, which includes Ireland’s former President Mary Robinson.

“We believe that Hamas should be included in all the major efforts to peace … It is part of the Palestinian people,” Carter said. He added that “1.5 million Palestinians are held in a cage or prison while their human rights are taken away.”

Israel imposed its blockade of Gaza, a densely populated coastal strip along Israel’s southwest border, following Hamas’ violent takeover in June 2007. The rival Palestinian faction Fatah, led by Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, controls the West Bank.

Carter’s remarks came as reconciliation talks between the two Palestinian factions were postponed today.

Hamas did not give a reason for the postponement but said in a statement that Fatah officials have said they will not attend talks slated for tomorrow.

A Fatah official said they had suggested to Hamas the talks be held in Lebanon but the rivals insisted on Damascus. The Fatah official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

During a meeting in Syria last month, the factions announced they have agreed on steps to reconcile and they scheduled a meeting for this week in Damascus.

Hamas said a new date will be announced.

Deep divisions among Palestinian groups remain. On Tuesday, nine Damascus-based groups that oppose Abbas denounced his recent comments, which said Palestinians would be willing to end all historic claims against Israel if a Palestinian state is established on lands captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war.

The factions, including Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, said such remarks “pose a dangerous violation of all Palestinian rights.”

{The Canadian Press/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. president carter forgets very easily that this cage is where all the rockets fired towards ,come from. if they live in a cage let the the other arab countries open their gates and them come into their countries . they have a wealth of space for this group of caged people that the hamas and fatah made them into.

  2. Carter YMS, its time you met face to face with your old cronie , Arafat. Your day will arrive when you will burn for eternity, you piece of human garbage

  3. You are all correct. It was Jimmy who bokered a peace with Israel an Eygpt in the 1970’s. Granted Israel gave back the Sinai and since then the road has been rough, but at last check peace still exists. I personally travelled across the border and was not lynched as do hundreds of Israelis and Jews daily.

  4. Guys, he’s speaking the truth! They are in a prison. It’s just that he is completely in the wrong as to who the jailer is. Of course if a Mexican drug cartel was targeting the US with rockets on a continual basis, there would be swift military action and maybe even a blockade of the territory they’re operating in. I also find it ironic that Carter is so critical of Israel’s attempts to defend itself while, as president, he pushed for military action against Iran to rescue the hostages. His “peace” plan is flawed from the beginning if he continues to be so biased against Israel.

  5. Josh #5! How right you are! What else do you expect from a peanut farmer? A Nut!
    He’s Jimmy I’ll-never-lie-to-you Carter. As soon as he left office the Iranians ended the seige of our embassy and release our hostages out of fear of a REAL American president. This jerk should be put into a little package called beef jerkey!


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