John Bolton: President Obama ‘Doesn’t Care’ About Foreign Policy


john-boltonJohn Bolton laced into President Barack Obama’s foreign policy credentials Shabbos, saying Obama “doesn’t care very much” about national security because “it’s not what motivates him.”

“How ’bout the war in Libya that our Nobel Peace Prize-winning president announced last week?” the former United Nations Ambassador said to laughs, adding that it “reflects a crisis in American international leadership.”

“We ask ourselves, why does the president perform this way, and first of all, he doesn’t care very much about national security. It’s not what gets him up in the morning,” Bolton said. “It’s not what motivates him.”

Bolton, who has said he could have an opening as a foreign policy candidate but has done little to advance his presidential ambitions, was one of several 2012 hopfuls to speak at a gathering of Iowa conservatives here.

“He is our first post-American president,” Bolton said. “I didn’t say un-American, I didn’t say anti-American… because he’s a citizen of the world. He doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism.”

{Politico/ Newscenter}



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