Just In: Gov. Murphy Lifts NJ’s Stay-at-Home Order; to Allow Larger Crowds Indoors and Out


NJ Governor Phil Murphy has just announced executive orders that lift the stay-at-home order intended to slow the spread of COVID-19 and increase the number of people who can gather amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As of today, indoor gatherings – including shuls – can have up to 50 people or 25% capacity, whichever is lower. Outdoor gatherings can now be up to 100 people with social-distancing measures in place, NBC reports.

“Please continue to be responsible and safe,” Murphy said. “Wear face coverings and keep a social distance from others when out in public.”

With data showing a lesser chance of spread outdoors, NBC adds, Murphy is expending the crowd limit on outdoor gatherings to 250 by June and 500 by July 3. He notes the larger limits allow for socially-distant graduation ceremonies. In the coming weeks, child care centers, summer camps, pools and youth sports can resume.


  1. You can go jump in a lake, Mr Murphy, with all your protesters together. We don’t need you tell us how to run our lives anymore. We will pray and congregate any way we want. Hypocrite!!! Will be voting against you and all democrats with great pleasure by every election.


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