Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg May Leave US If Trump Wins

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83-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said during an interview published by the New York Times this week that she doesn’t even “want to contemplate” a Donald Trump presidency. She also talked of heading “to New Zealand” if the billionaire wins, THE NEW YORK POST reports.

“I can’t imagine what this place would be . . . with Donald Trump as our president… For the country, it could be four years. For the court, it could be — I don’t even want to contemplate that… Now it’s time for us to move to New Zealand.”



  1. That’ll be great. Hope she carries through on it. Donald will get to pick two justices right away.
    Btw. Justice Ginsburg- many felt and still feel the same when Obama was elected president.

  2. Finally some good news story after a week full of tragedies. Oh G-d, PLEASE make it happen! I will personally pay for the one way ticket to get this old bag out of our country.

  3. nothing new
    Dave barry on the aftermath of y2k elections:
    Some Democrats threaten to move to Canada; Republicans, in a gracious gesture of reconciliation, offer to help them pack.

  4. let her go now….. She should definitely not serve if this is her outlook to a potential president of the united states…

  5. The best news of the day. You can leave now already. You have done your part in destroying America with passing toeivah marriage. Hopefully when Trump appoints conservative judges we can return to normal.

  6. IMO, it’s terribly inappropriate for a Supreme to make a comment like that in public. I can’t recall ever hearing a Supreme Court Justice ever make a comment even remotely endorsing or criticizing a candidate previously, let alone making an inflammatory comment like this one.

  7. If Trump is elected, she’ll hold tight to her supreme court justice seat, lest someone else of different political viewpoint replaces her upon her totally hypothetical resignation. That would really be something that she doesn’t even want to contemplate!

  8. Yep, like so many comments here exclaimed: “GOOD RIDDANCE”!!

    And, she should not wait the four months until November; she should quickly make her arrangements and leave now!

  9. No, you don’t understand. The Democrats ARE allowed to openly endorse a candidate. Its only those loser weakling Republicans who are NOT allowed.

  10. Of course, the real “place” she needs to leave is her extremely wicked ways, all of the wicked radical far left court decisions that she made (and led other court members to follow) that are ruining the country and all of human society, especially all the ones that promoted Toeiva (so-called) “marriage.”

    Mrs. Ginsburg: Especially that you are a Jew, PLEASE, return to you heritage!! Return to G-D!! Return to HIS directives that prohibit Toeiva!! Return to all of the ways of HIS Torah!!

  11. Nasty comments above.

    She is jewish!!!!!

    If Anne Frank was alive today, I wonder how many orthodox people from this forum would hate her just because she was too liberal.

    This is a scandal. I am sure her fears are worth voicing. We should know a jewish feeling on Trump. I have one myself and if I really had the cash, maybe I would think the same.

    Ginzberg is more than just a judge; she is a woman who has a right to enjoy her years. I can only imagine the implications for the court but I think it will make more hopefully vote Clinton. It would be nice.


    • “I can only imagine the implications for the court but I think it will make more hopefully vote Clinton. It would be nice. ”

      Now that you indicted yourself…


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