King David Center for Nursing and Rehab Draws Thousands to its Welcome Summer Event

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The air was vibrating with the sound of celebrating children.

To see children gathered around, singing in unity, after months of lockdown, was truly a much anticipated and welcomed sight. It brought out the feeling of freedom everyone so keenly felt, at being invited to their favorite outdoor location.

It was June 28 and the King David Center was out to spread some joy. The world-renowned Uncle Moishy traveled from park to park within the streets of Boro Park and Flatbush bringing music, gifts, balloons and ice cream to the children of the community. Uncle Moishy managed to turn the disappointing faces, as a result of months of isolation, into full fledged smiles wherever he went.

How fitting to rejoice in the lift of the lockdown by extending themselves to the community amidst pomp and joy and reintroducing to all, the pure and heart melting smiles that only kids know how to dispense.

Even the politicians were drawn to an event that marked an end to the long and difficult era of quarantine.  Chaim Deustch, Simcha Eichenstein, Dov Hikind, Kalman Yeger and Heshy Tischler were amongst the influential politicians that flocked to the event, to bask in the celebration of a rehabilitation center that puts the needs and wellbeing of the community at the forefront.

King David, legendary for their standard of care, is in the process of renovating their facility to accommodate the heimishe community properly. The renovations will include a state-of-the-art aqua therapy pool and other grand upgrades in order to provide their residents with an unsurpassable rehab experience, while not diminishing the Yiddishe Taam they are used to at home.

King David’s consideration to the satisfaction of the community was evident in the event that was planned and executed to perfection to the delight of the children, and adults that attended.

What a day it proved to be.  It lived up to the standards that is expected of King David.  After a satisfying round of blissful festivities, King David welcomed the community to their soon to be brand new, high end facility with warm wishes for a happy and safe summer.



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