Knesset Bill Would Legalize All IDF Conversions


rotemMK David Rotem, Chairman of the Knesset’s Law, Constitution and Justice Committee, and MK Robert Ilatov, both of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, introduced a bill on Sunday that would give legal status to all conversions performed in the IDF. The bill would apply to all such conversions carried out in the past, to those currently in process, and to future conversions as well.

“Lately, doubts have been cast regarding the validity of IDF conversions, without any reason” the bill’s sponsors stated in its explanatory notes. “In order to avoid any doubt, and in order to remove any cloud hovering over the heads over past converts and those presently studying for conversion, this law is intended to confirm with certainty and decisiveness that conversions now being carried out in the IDF- or carried out there in the past – are legal conversions, and that all state bodies will recognize them without casting aspersions upon them.”

“The entire debate over the validity of the IDF conversions and the establishment of sundry committees to look into the matter are a scandal,” MK Rotem added angrily. “All of the conversions are completely legal [from a Judaic point of view] and unblemished. It is too bad that because of certain pressures, some people are casting doubt on the Jewishness of hundreds of thousands who served in the IDF and put their lives on the line for the state.”

MK Rotem said that if doubts are cast on the IDF conversions, “no one will want to convert during his military service anymore, and we will find ourselves in a big problem.” In a recent High Court proceeding, the state’s representative said that IDF conversions were problematic because they were not supervised or approved by the Chief Rabbinate.

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  1. these conversions for the most part are bogus – they may have a kosher bris & tevilla, but raboysai, where’s the ???? ??? ????? – an integral part of the geirus?
    are any of these soldiers keeping any mitzvos? i’m not so sure
    the freie gov’t just wants to add “Jewish” people to the population, to outnumber the arabs ym”s, but look at what problems they’re creating.
    even if it’s a man who’s converting, and there won’t be any ???? ???? as far as the status of his children (if he has children from a jewish lady), what about the 7 ????? ????? that a potential ???? ??????? will recite at his chuppa? what about if he does teshuva, and is ????? ?? ????? in ???? ?????
    do you see the tragedy here???

  2. If Rotem succeeds, the Jewish people will be split and no conversion will be trusted.

    All the phony conversions will do no good for those that are converted because no one legitimate will want to marry them.

    The ones who genuinely want to convert will find a beis din that is Kosher for all.

  3. To eretz yisrael yid,tzoorba, “Ben Torah”, and concerned about the future,

    Last I remembered,Jews are to be Rachmonim bnai Rachmonim. Your vindictive comments make me wonder if all of you are mizerah avrahom or not. I tend to doubt it. Rather than search for an appropriate realistic answer, your comments
    belie the hate that you have for your fellow Jews as well as the people who defend you.

    How dare you call yourselves “yidden”.

  4. You will know a “good” convert, if he/she tells you they are a ger and you don’t believe them, because you thought they must be Jewish

  5. Shelly —

    These are non-Jews posing as Jewish converts we are discussing. You’re comment is more appropriate on the Reform Judaism website you are affiliated with.

  6. to sheldon,

    “rachmonim” does not mean that one lies regarding the nature of conversion. If there is no sincere kabbalat mitzvot then the fellow is not a jew and all the ramifications that come with it. Truthfully, they have more rachmonus than you because they do not want to lie neither to the “convert” and neither to klal yisroel for bringing a goy into kla yisroel.

  7. To Yaakov and Moshe

    Neither of you know anything about me. My name is Sheldon and I am not reform. In fact, I learn as much as you do if not more so. I also know alot more about Chassidus then you will ever know.
    That being said. Nobody is lieing. You have just set the bar for these people so high that it is imposible under your standards to work. Again these people are mostly mizerah avrohom. They have been moser nefesh in its truest aspect of the word. How dare you treat them with such disdain. Have you looked into your own Yichus? Have you no skeletons in your closets? These converts need to be treated respectfully and kindly. This is obvuiously something that people from your religion know nothing about. You are right these people don’t want any part of your sick religion. They just want to be Jews, something you know nothing about.

  8. Dear Minchas Yerushalayim,

    LiOlam Yihei ADam, Yiras Shomayim.

    A Yid first needs to be a mensch, a human being. Then he can be a yira shomayim. The yiras shomayim of a chayah is worthless.

    So I first support people who act as a Ben Adom.
    You obviously don’t knowwhat that is. You only know how to call people names.

  9. Hello everyone –

    Why is everyone so against Sheldon?? I know he is going against Daas Torah and the gedolim shlita – but still, he probably doesn’t even realize it. Just be nice to him, and maybe one day he’ll see the light.

  10. Dear Abe,
    You don’t need to patronize me. If you want to have an honest discussion, then we can have a dialogue. I am not so sure whether I am against Daas Torah and Gedolim or not? The question is which gedolim and which Daas Torah are we talking about? Besides just because Some Gedolim have an opinion doesn’t mean that we Baalei Batim can not see the world differently. If I would have to decide to champion a cause, I would certainly be on the side of treating people repectfully, kindly, and
    with compassion. Are you being machmir just to make a political statement? Are you trying o show that your standards are greater than that of the Zionist Rabbonim? If so, then you have commited a tremendous Avlah to these people.
    Rather than preaching, maybe the answer is to be working within the system and not be Sunday drivers. Yes Abe, I have seen the light; the light of rachmonus, the light of menschlichkeit,
    the light of respect for people’s tzelem elokim, and mostly the light of the chelek elokay mimmaal, that shines through all these people. If only this could be shining through you, and all of the people wo think like you.

    Setting the bar of geirus to a realistic perspective for people who are mizerah avrohom,
    and for people who have been moser nefesh in the army and defending clal yisroel, is the least we can do for these people. Anything less,
    is a “patch in ponim” to people who deserve better.

  11. Hey Abe,

    I’m still waiting for a reasonable responce.
    You see even your buddies, Yaakov, Moshe and Mincha, don’t have anything intelligent to say.

  12. Abe —

    I don’t know if you’re still following this conversation. But in the unlikely event you are, don’t bother responding to Sheldon, as it will cause him to further attack Daas Torah and Chareidi Yidden.

  13. Fish Sticks,

    At no point in this conversation have I attacked Daas Torah. Nor have I attacked Chareidi Yidden. However, Are you telling me that all Daas Torah holds one way? Are you telling me that all Chareidi yidden think alike?
    That would be a true sad state of affairs.

    To all of you, again I raise issues only for purposes of discussion and awareness. I have not attacked anyone, yet I have been called apikorus, reform….. The issues that I raised
    regarding this article is about the tone of hate that Moshe, Yaakov, Mincha, yoshor, Abe, and you seem to bathe in. None of you have
    raised any compelling points regardng the issues that I raised. Yet you only continue to respond with lies, attacks, and names.

    Once again,please show me that you hav more inside your heads and hearts than the hate and divisiveness that you have shown. Can any of you step up to the plate?

  14. I can’t believe this! ALL I said was:

    “Daas Torah is hepech daas Baalei Batim.”

    That’s it! I said nothing else in this thread. And, yet, Sheldon defines that simple statement as a “tone of hate” that I “seem to bathe in” and that I “respond with lies, attacks, and names.”

    All for simply saying “Daas Torah is hepech daas Baalei Batim.”

    WOW! I have no more words!

  15. Hey Abe, and Yosher,

    You were not defending me, Abe in fact both you and Yosher were quite facetious. Being facetious is not very respectful. So let’s cut the feigned innocence.
    By the way, both of you look at the comments of moshe, yaakov and mincha. I would say they were hateful.

    Regarding Daas Torah being Hepech Daas Baalei Batim, don’t be so sure that you are correct.
    You may want to have some humility in your statement. Again All of Daas Torah? All Baalei Batim. Don’t pigeon hole yourselves into a spot that you may look silly once you say it.

    I am still waiting for someone with an intelligent insight.


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