Knesset Marks 40th Anniversary of Landmark Sadat Visit  

Kol Haolam reports: A special Knesset session yesterday marked forty years since Egyptian President Anwar Sadat flew to Israel and made a historic appeal for peace at the Knesset. Prime Minister Netanyahu used the occasion to decry the lack of peace with the Palestinians.
“It is with sadness that I say, I have not yet met the Palestinian Sadat, who will declare his desire to end the conflict, who will recognize the State of Israel in any borders and our right to security and peace,” he said. “Our Palestinian neighbors refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist,” he added, and quoted from Sadat’s speech, in which the Egyptian leader declared: “We do not want to surround you, or that you surround us with missiles meant to destroy, or with bombs of hatred and enmity. I have declared more than once that Israel is an existing fact.”
Labor leader Yitzchak Herzog blamed Netanyahu for the lack of peace: “We don’t only need a Palestinian Sadat, we also need an Israeli Begin,” he said.
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