KOL KOREH: Toronto Rabbonim Unanimously Declare Halachic Obligation to Vaccinate

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  1. Rabbonim, physicians, scientists… what do they all know, in comparison to a semi-literate housewife, who has all the “real” information readily available on the Web? That’s why we forbid Internet, in the first place – so that the people with the right to know would never find the truth about vaccines, 9/11, or where Elvis is hiding.

    • Tell that to the Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva who have done extensive research and permit not vaccinating. Suddenly their deah is ‘baseless’. Tell that to the poor parents who have personally suffered one or more of the side effects listed in the vaccine’s own literature. Tell them that their experience is not real. You sit smug reading internet blogs and hocking with your know-it-all friends and mock their knowledge, experience and research.

      Driving a car presents more danger to life and limb of others than not vaccinating your child does. But we understand the need and benefit of driving cars so we accept the risk. We don’t understand the reasons and needs of the parents who refuse to vaccinate so me call the Rotzchim, murderers, conspiracy theorists etc.

      • Oy! You are so closed minded that you are incapable of accepting the daas of Rabbonim, Doctors, and everyone else. You just know better. Nebach. Refuah Sheleima to you. At least we have people like you that are the sole gatekeepers of knowledge.

      • You may take the risk of driving a car, but you aren’t permitted on the road with a car that isn’t inspected once a year because you are a danger TO OTHERS!! Similarly you shouldn’t be able to walk around unvaccinated because you are a danger to others!! You may not be a rotzeach, just a practicing ignoramus.

  2. I’m sure the anti-vaxxer rodfim and rotzchim will have a counter to this with baseless “proofs” of why vaccination is dangerous.

    Hashem Yerachem.

    • While no person has been reported to or by the CDC to have died from the Measles from 2004 through 2015, more than one hundred people have DIED from the Measles vaccine, according to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). That’s serious business and one of the reasons that vaccine injury settlements are kept out of the mass media news – always.

      • That’s 100 out of millions. And you find that worrisome?
        An estimated 11,300 babies in the US die on the day they were born. And approximately 50,000 women in the US suffer life threatening complications from childbirth every year. Perhaps we should stop having babies too because it’s dangerous.

      • No death from measles because so many are getting vaccinated. Look at statistics from before the vaccine, how many died from measles then?

      • Such disgusting game of semantics. The CDC defines “confirmed” cases as being those that have been sent to a lab and usually typing the actual measles strain involved. Those are limited cases, and even then, the more current report (your report seems way out of date) lists one such measles death in 2015. The actual number of deaths are per the doctor’s determination and recorded on the death certificate as such is at least 8 deaths from 2005 to 2017. And this is of course after the U.S. had been declared “measles-free” (with still, say, about 100 cases per year of measles) in the sense of being endemic free, and the main reason they were endemic free is the vaccine.

        And I simply cannot find on the CDC website anything about “more than one hundred people have DIED from the Measles vaccine”. Care to share your source?

    • Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, If you are calling me a Rodef and a Rotzeach you are essentially calling for someone to preemptively murder me. You should be careful with that kind of public statement because it may be a crime in the US to make those kinds of threats. Likewise, Matzav.com, may have criminal and civil liability if something happens to me as a result of their supporting your incitement to violence. Sincerely, Flatbush Anti Vaxxer and proud of it.

      • Proud of not listening to the biggest Rabbonim of Toronto, proud of not listening to ALL the other Rabbonim, proud of not listening to Doctors advice? Proud of putting people into danger because of your conspiracy theories? What exactly are you proud of?

        • Actually there are some pretty prestigious Rabbonim in Toronto who I do not see on this list, I wonder why. Even the Rabbonim who signed this proclamation did not go so far as to state that I am a Rodef or a Rotzeach. Matzav in allowing people or bots to post comments, that anti vaxxers are murderers, is deliberately creating a false public impression that the Rabbis condone such statements. By headlining the article that “Toronto Rabbis agree with this “unanimously”, Matzav creates the false impression that all Toronto rabbis agree with this. I am proud of my anti vaccination views and actions. I am proud of not allowing myself to be duped by a small group of lying doctors and unelected Askonim, in the Jewish Community who are going around lying to Rabbonim, parents, schools, and government officials and causing a massive Bitul Torah and Machlokes Shelo Leshem Shomaim. I am proud to be with the Nirdafim and the underdogs who are being victimized by this medical tyranny. Sincerely Flatbush Anti Vaxxer.

          • Flatbushantivaxxer, I live in Toronto, and I do not see a single Rov omitted.
            I do know that my daughter’s classmate, the daughter of an anti vaxxer is now recovering from meningitis that came from her having measles. BH she is recovering, as meningitis is often fatal.

          • wow!!
            Thank you Flatbush Anti Vaxxer!!
            I second your thoughts.
            i am sorry that everyone is so duped by the fear being instilled, ingrained by all to be afraid of measles
            the flu is much worse!!!

      • Even if you are rodef it doesn’t its practically advisable or useful to kill you,
        but something should probably be done to protect the public from you and your children.

      • Thank you. I’ve been saying the same thing. Who knows if it was hateful comments on the internet that led the Pittsburgh massacre? By so-called Yidden calling others rodfim, has the same effect. The halacha is that if someone is being rodef so you’re allowed to preempt and kill him first. Haba lihargo yashkem….. So in other words if you know that the person sitting next to you in Shul has not vaccinated, according to halacha (now that we paskened that he’s a RODEF) you should take out a knife and stab him to death r”l. Yes, that’s what these so-called Rabbonim who label one a RODEF have on their grosser shoulders. I shudder what the Aibishter thinks about Yidden that call/label others Rodef.

      • You need not worry as you cowardly leave your name out so they have no way to find you even if they wanted to. Just desperate terminology

  3. A Rabbi once told me “who is foolish? The person who believes in the world”. The rabbonim are being fooled by the lies made by big pharma and the CDC. Dare I say we are in the midst of a Holocaust of vaccine -injured children and adults by unfettered German pharmaceutical companies who are successfully fooling us with their lies. Hashem will judge them very soon.

  4. NY state senator dies at age 47. Doctors say he was in perfect health. He received the flu shot (after promoting it himself) and he immediately fell ill with symptoms which are detailed in the packet of the vaccine. His body went into septic shock and he died a few days later. The media is reporting that he a “senator in excellent health suddenly died from septic shot”. Of course they are not mentioning the flu shot to the horror of his wife.

      • How do you know? FYI – septic shock is caused by a widespread infection causing organ failure and dangerously low blood pressure. Septic shock can occur when a person is infected by pneumonia or influenza. This man was given a flu shot and he most likely died from the live virus that he was injected with.

    • The flu shot is not the topic. The topic is about scheduled vaccines for childhood illnesses, particularly measles.
      But I looked up senator Peralta and the whole chronology seems weird. To quote:

      > Sen. Peralta partnered with NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst to sponsor free influenza vaccinations in LeFrank City on Nov. 17, 2018.

      > On Nov. 20, Peralta, 47, developed a fever. The following day, he became “disoriented and had trouble breathing.” He was taken to Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY where he died that evening.

      So when did he get a flu shot? Was it 4 days before passing away? To continue the quotes:

      > Peralta had reportedly been ill for at least two weeks.

      Two weeks? Four days? Very confusing.

      But in the same spirit as your post, I offer the following alternative.

      > Peralta recently lost his State Senate seat to Jessica Ramos. Peralta’s loss is said to have been a result of his aligning with Republicans via the Independent Democratic Conference.

      So clearly he was about to blow the lid off Clinton wrong-doings and they took him out using “flu shot” as a their front. (It doesn’t have to make sense or be relevant. It just has to make as much sense and relevance as your post.)

      • I actually don’t think he was vaccinated for the flu on the 17th because the NY Times article states that he was feeling unwell for at least 2 weeks before he passed away and thought he was having symptoms related to the flu shot as quoted below. if he thought is was from the flu shot he had to have the flu prior the start of his illness.

        Quoted from the NY Times article

        Though he had been ill for at least two weeks, he had been reluctant to visit a doctor, according to Chris Sosa, his director of communications. After much prodding, he finally went for an exam recently, and he had a follow-up scheduled for December.

        “It was like pulling teeth to get him to talk about not feeling well,” Mr. Sosa said. “He just thought he was having symptoms related to getting the flu shot.”

        So he must have gotten the shot before the 17th.
        if you look at the symptoms he described feeling, they match the possible side effects listed on the flu vaccine insert

        Quoted from the Daily News:
        “He was complaining of pressure in his head and shortness of breath. But he went to the doctor and they didn’t find anything. Everything was normal,” she (his wife) said. “The day before [on Tuesday] he developed a fever, but everyone develops a fever, so he just thought he was getting sick.”

        Pressure in the head and shortness of breath are listed in the insert as side effects to the flu shot.
        pressure in the head can be from swelling of the brain – encephalitis

  5. So you’re saying parents who are preventing their children from becoming autistic or other brain injuries are rodfim and rotzchim because they care more about their own child’s health than yours.
    How would you call vaxxers who are the cause for autistic children whose their parents were forced into vaccinating by vaxxers, doctors and rabbonim?

  6. One common symptom that is clear is that parents of kids who aren’t vaccinated lose the ability to comprehend common sense, lose all ability to be reasonable, and become self centered and only care about implications to themselves.

    It must be the lack of vaccination of their children has caused people to lose the ability to comprehend common sense, lose all ability to be reasonable, and become self centered and only care about implications to themselves.

    Please vaccinate your child otherwise it will cause you to lose the ability to comprehend common sense, lose all ability to be reasonable, and become self centered and only care about implications to yourself.

  7. just like all eiruv rav peleg/eitz burkas lev tahor anti vaxers they all eventually fizzle out soon enough. In the meantime just stay away from them no need to kill them they’ll disappear on their own

      • Precisely. Torah jews will forever persevere. But dont mix them up with eiruv rav peleg/eitz burkas lev tahor antivaxers. They will dissolve quickly IY”H. But us Torah yidden must stay strong and daven hard till the day comes.

  8. Anyone who thinks that the flu shot cannot cause death has obviously never studied the impact thimerosal can have on the human body.

    • “thimerosal”? Seems you also are way out of date. That has been removed (in the U.S.) from childhood vaccines at least since 2001. And even what still exists in flu vaccines are found only in the “multi-dose” vials – all others (single dose) don’t have it and mostly never had it at all.

      • most flu shots given are from multi dose vials.
        and they definitely contain mercury
        which can be toxic to sensitive individuals

        this is not an opinion
        this is a fact

        • CORRECTION:
          Sorry was mistaken
          for the 2018 season cdc states that
          80% of flu vaccines will be thimerisol free

          i can’t find the amount from the 2017 -2018 season but i know that it is only this year that there was a push to provide the thimerisol free vaccines
          last year most were multi dose vials.

          • and those were safe. but because people complained they removed the thimerosal. do you want the mercury removed from your tuna fish also?

  9. why would anyone complain if it was safe?
    and if it was safe and people “complained” why should they listen?
    if it is safe, it is safe!!
    science is settled
    nothing left to study
    vaccines are safe and effective
    ignore all the vaccine reactions reported and not reported
    ignore all the teenagers who died after HPV vaccine
    ignore all the kids who develop seizure disorders after vaccination
    ignore all the HEALTHY children who regress into autism after vaccination
    ignore Dr. Shoenfeld who is a world renowned auto immune disease specialist who says that there is a list of autoimmune diseases caused by vaccination
    ignore all kids who die of SIDS hours or days after vaccination
    they are not related! they can’t be related cuz vaccines are SAFE!!!! just some dead virus and saline.
    they have been tested and tested and they are SAFE !!!


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