Lakewood: Miller Sworn in As Mayor, Akerman as Deputy Mayor (Photos)

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DSC_1626Lakewood, NJ – This morning, Lakewood Township held its 124th Township Committee Re-Organizational at Town Hall on Third Street.

Menashe Miller was sworn in as committeeman and then as mayor, and former mayor Isaac Ackerman was sworn in as deputy mayor.

The event drew a large crowd that included State Senator Bob Singer and Assemblyman Gary Schaer of Psaaic.

At the meeting in Town Hall, the salute to the flag was led by June D’Elia. The National Anthem was sung by well-known singer Shua Kessin, who is a Lakewood resident. The invocation was said by R’ Avi Schnall of Agudath Israel of New Jersey. A prayer for armed servicemen was said by US Air Force Chaplain Lt. Colonel Walter Bean.

The Committeemen were then sworn in to their respective positions. Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein, who was reelected this year, was then sworn in by Assemblyman Gary Schaer.

Menashe Miller was then sworn in as mayor by State Senator Bob Singer, and Isaac Akerman was sworn in as deputy mayor by Assemblyman Gary Schaer.

Lichtenstein and Miller were sworn in for new three-year terms after achieving landslide victories in November. First elected in 2003, the duo are beginning their sixth terms on Lakewood’s governing body.

The Committee passed numerous resolutions, announced appointments to municipal boards and committees, and filled a variety of other municipal posts.

The Committeeman also shared their thoughts and thanked various individuals who have been helpful to them personally and to the Township in general.

Following comments from the public, G-d Bless America was performed by Yaakov Schreiber.

With Isaac Akerman and Menashe Miller switching roles for 2016, Lakewood has seen a return to the political order of 2014, when the men held their current roles. In the world of a 3-2 Republican majority, it isn’t uncommon for members of the controlling party to move between roles.

On the five-member Township Committee, the position of mayor doesn’t necessarily hold any more legislative power than any other committee member. The mayor represents the face of the township and also helps push the legislative agenda for the coming year.

Committeeman Mike D’Elia, entering the second year of his term, rounds out the Republican membership. Committeemen Meir Lichtenstein and Ray Coles, the panel’s senior member, represent the Democratic minority.


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{ Newscenter / Photos: Courtesy of Yated Ne’eman-USA}


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