Lakewood: New 11:20 Shacharis Minyan On Shabbos

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siddurLakewood, NJ – A new minyan on Shabbos morning for Shacharis has been established at the Satmar Bais Medrash, on Forest Avenue between Fourth and Fifth Streets. Hodu will begin at 11:20 a.m., and the minyan features an experienced baal kriah.

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  1. So many things are bringing Klal Yisrael down these days. do we need an additional problem to bring us down yet another madrega!

  2. Starting a minyan after zman tefillah is directly in opposition to halacha. I hope that communal pressure can be exerted to avoid the great kitrug and chillul shem shamayim befarhesia made by people who refuse to abide by basic Torah law as paskened in the Gemara and Shulchan Aruch.

  3. What kind of a minyan is this? To encourage people to sleep in and miss zman Krias Shema and possibly even zman tefilah!? Hashem Yerachem!

  4. …And I presume the mispallelim will say the entire sefer tehillim before davening like they do in Amshinov and other places where they daven late.

  5. Is this a belated Purim or April fools joke or just a further deteriation of Klal Yisroel? To begin davening after all zemanim?!

  6. Why should we view this open encouragement to forsake any and all zmaninm as any less a chillul shem shamayim than the Rabbah scandal? One represents a total disregard for hundreds of years of established black-letter halacha supported by nearly all Day’os!

  7. If someone woke up too late, he already did one thing wrong by missing the zmanim. Must he miss tefillah b’tzibur and krias hatorah as well?

  8. Are they forcing people to attend? That IS in fact terrible people whould be free to do as they wish.
    Oh wait that goes against the gist of most comments here

  9. It will be interesting to see the clientele that they will attract. Will there be a Kiddush???? Normal people can come for Kiddush, and call it Shalosh Suddos. very important when inquiring about a Shuddach.

  10. Now it’s daylight savings time so it’s not so late – really like 10 am – saying 11:20 is misleading because it’s Hoidi that starts then – the minyan starts at 11am really. I am sure there are those saying Tehillim first, as many in Satmar have that minhag.

  11. The Satmar Ruv zya had a reason to have the tzibbur daven late on Shabbos (to prevent the less frum people in the tzibbur from having too much free time – he said the frum people would learn before davening), and another reason for himself every day (guf naki). I never heard him approving a minyan this late lechatechilla, except it is daylight savings so it really isnt that late. Usually in Satmar they daven at 930 on shabbos. This is similar to a ten oclock minyan really since its dst.

  12. This minyan is a kilkul harabbim.
    Someone who woke up too late to daven krias shma and shacharis bezmano will be better served not having his avla given a shtemple of kashrus by attending a minyan of avaryanim.

  13. To all the complainers. This minyan IS NOT FOR YOU. This minyan is intended for those that most likely have not even showed up to shul or arrive somehwere in the middle of leining. If you think that is better than keep complaining and showing your ahavas yisroel. What don’t you try and solve more important issues first?

  14. Many chassidic groups have a tradition of davening outside the generally accepted times. The Satmar, the Kotzkers, Alexanders, Tzanzers, and many others. To each his own.

  15. Cholent is included in the 11:20 minyan.
    The truth is they would start at 10:55 so that it looks better, but, they have to wait for the main minyan to finish.

  16. There are many people who may benefit from such a Minyan: people who just had a baby, elderly or sick people, hatzola workers, caterers, people who work in old age or assisted living centers, etc. BH in Lakewood there is much Chessed. Why focus on negatives? BTW I daven 8:00 or earlier on Shabbos

  17. I heard the minyan is for those who
    haven’t davend Fridays shachris yet. For the yom they will be saying Hayom yom shishi.

  18. People are making a big to-do about a lekatchileh and completely ignore the fact that many people are not mekayem the mitzvah deOraysoh of Tefilin shel Rosh due to their having a big “chupp” – see Hilchos Tefilin.

  19. Way too early. How about matching the ones in BP at 12 15, or later! I’ve davened Minchah and heard kesser downstairs

  20. Shomer Shabbos in B.P. has a shachris minyan on Shabbos starting at 12:30 PM! They claim that they get to Shmone Esrei before chatzos (around 12:55 this time of year).

  21. #41. if u actually learned hilchos tefillin, you would know that it takes a lot to constitute as a chatzizah

  22. I do not know if this is true. However, if it is Boruch Hashem. Not everyone can make it early. When you get the population density as you have, you have a small minority of people for whatever reason cannot make it to Shul until 11:00 AM. Have an open heart. You are lucky to have a Shul like Satmer. It is not anyone’s job to criticize. Jews getting together to Daven is always inspiring. In our Minyan there are many times we have to wait and at times we do not daven until after 11:00 AM on Shabbos. Our problem is that people who live close to our Shul feel zero responsibility to help us out for a Minyan. Ner Bresler had a line in a song in his album in the early 1970s, “Oz mir bet a Gemilas Chsed iz Oh Vey”. My Yiddush is terrible and it is supposed to mean, that if one needs a favor, that person is in trouble.

  23. I don’t know…

    But as the Vizhnitzer Rebbe Shlit”a always said (and his father zy”a used to say the same):

    Those same people who were at the tish until 3 in the morning seem to be the same people who are there learning before davening at 8:00, while those who went to sleep at 8-9 PM are those who come in to shul at 10-11 AM! (You don’t have to be chassidish for this one -you could say the same thing about the litvishe bachurim and yungeleit who learn Friday night after the seudah, sometimes until 12 AM. Somehow it seems that they are the ones who show up in time for yeshiva davening)

    Baduk Ume’nuseh.

    These kinds of minyanim are just a hechsher for laziness.

    When I was younger, if you missed the latest minyan in the immediate neighborhood because you woke up late -you missed minyan, and you knew that you did something wrong. If you had a baby Friday night or early Shabbos morning, and you missed the normal minyanim -oines Rachmanna patrayh…

    These kind of minyanim aren’t meant to bail out rare incidents beyond people’s control. They are meant to establish mediocrity as a legitimate lifestyle!


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