Large Food Manufacturers Largely Ignore Kosher Consumers


best-buyLarge food manufacturers largely ignore kosher customers while retailers are paying more attention to their kosher base. Few of the large manufacturers advertise in Jewish weeklies and periodicals, but retailers do flag kosher consumers, particularly on the eve of Jewish holidays. Recent studies show that the manufacturers are also lax when it comes to wooing Muslim Americans.

But there is evidence that national marketers are paying some lip service to the estimated 6 million Muslims in the US by advertising on Muslim Web sites. The same cannot be said for kosher consumers.

“Best Buy even included the phrase ‘Happy Eid’ in a holiday flyer that also mentioned X-mas and Hanukkah last year,” S. Saad Ahmed, director of sales and strategy for the Los Angeles-based Muslim Ad Network, tells Marketing Daily, “which was definitely a kind of olive branch to Muslim Americans.”

“Companies like Staples and HSBC are also reaching out to this market, which is worth about $200 billion,” Lisa Mabe, principal of Hewar Social Communications, a digital marketing agency in Washington D.C., tells Marketing Daily.

Based on studies by LUBICOM Marketing Consulting and the Mintel Organization, an estimated 12 million Americans buy kosher food products on a fairly regular basis, which does not include ordinary Americans that buy some of the $250 billion in food products that are kosher certified. Marketers have long agreed that the manufacturers may be loosing out on an opportunity to woo more kosher consumers to their brands by ignoring the kosher world.

It appears that while the manufacturers may be asleep at the wheel, retailers are increasingly recognizing the opportunities of marketing to kosher consumers, particularly before major Jewish holidays.


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  1. From the stock photo of Best Buy, it would seem that the problem would be that there are not enough kosher mp3 players and kosher phones!

  2. Which national brands are we missing? Coke and Pepsi? Lays potato chips? Kellogs and Post cereals? Wesson Oil? Oreo cookies? P&G? Almost EVERY major national manufacturer has a deal with one kosher agency or another. If Staples and Best Buy don’t cater to the frum Oilam in their adbvertising, what does that have to do with kosher food?!?!

  3. Related to this topic, I purchased a gas oven in 2007 from a major New York City regional retail chain. The branch in question was located in a heavily Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn. It was next to impossible to get a salesperson or the retailer’s website to confirm whether or not the model had a “Shabbos Mode.” The manufacturer’s website was vague. Eventually, I found that the operation manual clearly stated that it did have such a mode. I thought the situation was particularly odd given the number of frum Jews who shop at this branch. Perhaps stranger, the manufacturer did not identify this feature as clealry as it did with their other models.


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