Let It Flow: Trump Eases Showerhead Rules

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The Trump administration wants to change the definition of a showerhead to let more water flow, addressing a pet peeve of the president who complains he isn’t getting wet enough.

Publicly talking about the need to keep his hair “perfect,” President Donald Trump has made increasing water flow and dialing back long held appliance conservation standards — from light bulbs to toilets to dishwashers — a personal issue.

But consumer and conservation groups said the Department of Energy’s proposed loosening of a 28-year-old energy law that includes appliance standards is silly, unnecessary and wasteful, especially as the West bakes through a historic two-decade-long megadrought.

Since 1992, federal law has dictated that new showerheads shouldn’t pour more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute (9.5 liters). As newer shower fixtures came out with multiple nozzles, the Obama administration defined the showerhead restrictions to apply to what comes out in total. So if there are four nozzles, no more than 2.5 gallons total should come out between all four.

The new proposal Wednesday would allow each nozzle to spray as much as 2.5 gallons, not just the overall showerhead.

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  1. It’s about time.
    And allow more water flow into toilets too.
    This dictatorial regulation began in the Bush administration.
    It’s an embarrassment especially when you have guests.
    Constantly plunging because too much paper at one time and we never had this problem years ago.
    Give us back our toilets.We’re human beings..

    • >>> Constantly plunging because too much paper at one time and we never had this problem years ago.

      Put in less paper? Flush “in the middle”?

  2. Do you wonder why? The world is too dirty and worse. Just watch the anchors dress to the tune of worthlessness.


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