Lev Tahor Cult Requests Asylum From Iran


The extremist “Lev Tahor” sect of some several hundred people living in Guatemala requested asylum from Iran, i24NEWS reports.

In a trove of documents found and filed on Thursday to the US Federal Court, one batch of documents reveals that the anti-Zionist cult pledged their loyalty to the “Supreme Leader and Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran” and requested “asylum, protection and religious freedom of the families of its loyal members in Cheshek Shlomo community.”

Members of the sect fled Canada en masse in 2014 after the country’s authorities began paying attention to the minute community over concerns of child abuse.

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  1. We need askanim to go in with authority and arrest the leaders that are left and free the families from theirs sick perversion of religion. We do so much work in kirov…this is Pekuach NEFESH and why are we quiet. These families are abused and have lost their voice and subjugated to the will of these sick pathetic people. They cannot speak and even if the could, they’d probably wanna stay, because brainwashing does that to people. They have lost their autonomy, physically, emotionally and spiritually. They believe up is down and down is up by now. Their distorted thinking is due to years of abuse. PLEEEEEEASE SAVE THESE FAMILIES AND BRING THEM HOME to a healing and normal life. They deserve it. They are our children, brothers, sisters, uncle, aunt, cousins, neighbors…and mostly, they our children of Hashem and its on our hands, the innocent blood of these families. We cannot remain silent!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Grade me on this. I think the real name of the group should be Lev Tahor of the bad cane.

    The rest they offer Israel is frustrated. Broken bumble of a group. They fear bearing women in role. Not Hashem.


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