LI Man Threatened To Shoot Frum Day Camp Over Social Distancing


An Inwood man with multiple guns was arrested Monday evening after police said he threatened to shoot a Jewish day camp over social distancing requirements.

According to police, Nicola Pelle, 58, of Doughty Boulevard, called police about social distancing violations at the Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island children’s camp, which is across the street from his home.

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  1. This is precisely the reason for social distancing. Nothing to do with a bogus virus. It’s the elite criminals who are aware that they’re being pursued are looking for groups they can retaliate and shoot at. Which is why schools do not need nurses for coroney baloney but strong police protection, esp with children walking to school on their own who can be kidnapped by elite criminals wearing 3-piece-suits. Plenty of stories of kidnapped children since borders are closed and they can’t get children from there anymore.

    • I dont know what world you live in but none of what you write are facts, just conspiracy theory / baloney you just made up.
      In this case, Pelle lives across the street from the school / camp in question. (He is also suffering from cancer and is on meds – possibly exacerbating his hate.) He has hatred toward his Jewish neighbors and found that the lack of masks and social distancing a good excuse to let out his hatred.


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