Lieberman Gives Giyus Ultimatum: Give In Or Go To Elections

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Yisrael Beytenu head Avigdor Liberman offered the other right-wing parties an ultimatum over his demands that the Knesset pass the law enforcing yeshvia bochurim be drafted to the army, writng, “We will not budge a millimeter from the original version of the Draft Law. Accept our offer, and if you don’t – we’ll hold repeat elections.

On Friday, UTJ leaders Yakov Litzman and Moshe Gafni claimed that “Liberman does not want to join a Netanyahu government, for his own reasons, and so he quit the government a few months ago and now is attempting to use the Draft Law as an excuse, when in reality he’s the only one who is not allowing the formation of a right-wing government.”

Lieberman says he is not opposed to joining the coalition – as long as all the non charedi members side with him on the draft law.

“From our perspective, the charedi MKs can leave the room during the vote, exactly as they did during the first reading. All the others in the coalition must promise to support the original version. When that happens, a real right-wing government will be formed, not a charedi government.”

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    • There are definitely some activists, officials and legislators who wish that Yeshiva boys should be drafted into the army by force (just like some legislators in NY, NJ, Quebec and London, want to force Yeshivas to teach XXX). The question is, if the current law forces Yeshiva students into the army.

  1. How can it be that this Russian drunk is able to hold the entire coalition hostage? He only has 5 seats when the Chareidim have 16. Something is wrong with this picture.


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