Linda Sarsour Tweets That Yoshka Was Palestinian

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Activist Linda Sarsour tweeted on Saturday that “[Yoshka] was Palestinian of Nazareth and is described in the Quran as being brown copper skinned with wooly hair.”

Many including Yair Netanyahu were quick to bash Sarsour for her tweet.

“Are you that stupid? On the cross above [his] head was the sign ‘INRI’ – ‘Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm,’” the prime minister’s son replied, “Which means in Latin – [Yoshka] of Nazareth king of the Jews! The Bible say that [Yoshka] was born and raised in Judea!”

Many Twitter users pointed out that [Yoshka] was Jewish, to which Sarsour rejoined that the two were not mutually exclusive.

“Palestinian is a nationality not a religion,” Sarsour wrote. “Your point is not negated. Jews lived with Palestinians in peaceful co-existence before there was a state of Israel.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center believes that the idea of calling [Yoshka] Palestinian is part of rebranding a new narrative for Palestinian history.

“For people who have no theological or historical rooting, the idea that [Yoshka] was a Palestinian creates a new narrative for Palestinian history, which otherwise does not date back very far,” Cooper told The Jerusalem Post to explain why Omar retweeted the Times article earlier in the year. “If one can say that [Yoshka] was Palestinian 2,000 years ago, then that means the Jews are occupying Palestinian land.”

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  1. So I guess the Christian’s should direct their anger and rage towards the Palestinians for killing their saviour.

  2. Sarsour, who I once thought was evil but not stupid, has gotten me to change my mind. I solemnly believe that she is evil and stupid. Rewriting history to accommodate her agenda is unacceptable, and should be to anyone with an ounce of intellect. i wish her the greatest of curses and a huge downfall. May all her followers reject her, and she should spend the rest of her days in complete disgrace. She has proven to be a menace, and now we are witness to her ignorance as well.

  3. Oh, so that means Yoshka never existed! Because we know that there never existed a Palestinian people! HaaaaHaaa

  4. Until now, I believed that this individual was a real person whose teachings were fictitious – if Sarsour is correct, he is a totally fabricated character.

  5. She may be technically right – He was a Jew and a Palestinian. And all the Jew who lived in Israel Pre-1948 were Palestinians too.

  6. If someone from 2000 years ago was Jewish and Palestinian, all that proves is that Jews lived here 2000 years ago. Jews=Palestinians. Thanks Ms. So-sour, for proving the land is, was, and will always be ours.

  7. Who is she referring to? The dead Jew in the diaper who is nailed to a stick? He was just some old incontinent guy.

  8. Israel was only called Palestine (actually Palestini) in the 4th century over 300 years after Yoshk…. so it cant be. More fake news!

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