LISTEN: Open Orthodox Opens Up On Its Corrupted Beliefs

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Leaders of the controversial Open Orthodox institution Yeshivat Chovevei Torah were interviewed on the Headlines radio show about YCT and Open Orthodoxy this past Motzoei Shabbos.

The interviews, conducted by Dovid Lichtenstein, were extremely revealing, exposing everything that is wrong with Open Orthodox institutions, teachings, outlooks, and haskafos.

The interviewees included Rabbi Asher Lopatin, Pres. Yeshiva Chovevei Torah, Rabbi Ysosscher Katz, Talmud Chair Yeshiva Chovevei Torah, and Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz, Pres & Dean of Valley Beit Midrash.

During the program, Lichtenstein also interviewed the talented Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer, who has worked for years, with the help of mediums such as Yated Ne’eman and, to expose the fallacy of Open Orthodoxy and the damage it is wreaking. He also interviewed Rabbi David Rosenthal, Author of Why Open Orthodoxy is Not Orthodox.




  1. it was revealing that Mr. Lapitin didn’t shutter upon earing thos accusations (eventhough they weren’t true). He actually defended that Kefira. These guys are off the charts. I don’t know why they were given a forum.

  2. If you want a swindle, look no further than open orthodoxy. The right to share the anecdotes of faith can never be kosher.

    The rights is not humane freedom better.

    Figs for Adam were not the vigor just given to strangle Eve. This is of course absurd.

  3. Almost as big a danger as OO, are numbers of left Centrist Orthodox who are fellow travelers (or useful idiots) throwing a smokescreen or attempting to defend them

  4. First, let me point out to any casual readers that according to ads, this was done with the haskama of the Novominsker Rebbe, shlita.
    I don’t do Facebook so hope someone from YCT might catch Matzav and comment. Here are some thoughts from an oot yeshivish type (as opposed to Lakewood: I don’t need an ishur for the Internet but am healthily conflicted ;-D):
    1. Having heard part 2 first, I found it patronizing.
    2. What’s with this disruptive business? So you want to be edgy. I still think that even if you’re trying to reach conflicted outliers you can still speak in a way that will be appreciated by anyone who hears you. There was such a sense of fragmentation, of too many proverbial “Yossis in the marketplace,” as opposed to where Toras emes and Toras chaim can take you.
    3a. It will be no surprise that I disagree with all the speakers, on both parts, who found Zellinger’s speech on alternative marriage a Kiddush Hashem. No one will hear those words and pick up any subtleties. They’ll just hear that just as lehavdil Christian denominations are coming around, so is Orthodox Judaism, r”l.
    3b. And praising monogamy in alterative relationships – yeah right. The alternative marriage people will really have arrived when their divorce rate is that of the traditionally married.
    3c. I’m not sure if I understood Ysosscher Katz correctly. Was he really saying that what they call marriage isn’t as deep and profound and meaningful as what we call marriage so we shouldn’t worry our pretty little heads if they decide to call it marriage?? If that’s what he meant, let him say it to their faces.
    4. I believe it was Katz who mentioned much of Shmos being allegorical, with the overlay of fictional people like the four sons. I don’t see how what you can call a literary conceit of the four sons reflects on the rest of Shmos, and it sounds way too close to Farber’s take on the Avos.
    5. Most important of all, I feel sadness. As a Bais Yaakov girl at heart, I owe so much to a young Polish displaced woman who happened to have heard an Austrian Rav introduce her to Rav Hirsch and the rest is history. Over all my years of education, formal and informal, including some shiurim I attend given by brilliant women, I am exposed to Torah thought from a broad cross-section of great thinkers, from many different circles. These two hours of headlines cemented the conclusion that I cannot learn from the Torah of OO. So sad…


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