London Jews Welcomed On Island


A group of Torah Jews has moved from London, where houses cost the earth, to Canvey Island, on the Thames in south Essex. BBC reported that many of the 38,000 locals warmly welcomed them.

“What helps if you go anywhere in this world is for people to say, ‘Welcome. Is there anything I can do for you?'” a local said. “It makes you feel better. It just does.”

“Milton Keyes and other places where we tried to move… and the communities there were ooh, they went absolutely ballistic,” a newcomer said. “Then I was invited to go and see Canvey Island. I’ve never experienced a non-Jewish community so welcoming, so open-hearted, and so friendly to us Jewish people,” she said.



  1. Why this outcry against recognition ? US has not done anything but verbalize Israeli facts of 3000 years ,Yerushalayim was ,is and always will be the Holly Capital of Israel, Eretz and Medinat Israel.!


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