LOOKING FOR AINIKLACH: Grandchildren for Hire

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Senior citizens are hiring grandchildren and buying robots to combat loneliness.

The “Join Papa” website connects college students to older adults who need assistance with transportation, house chores, technology lessons or simple human companionship.

Companion robots are another solution for empty nests. Blue Frog Robotics has developed the “Buddy” robot, a legless humanoid device that provides social interaction and assistance, reminds its humans of upcoming events, monitors their homes and provides medication reminders.

In the US, about 8,000 people turn 65 every day and 90 percent of them prefer to stay at their own homes.



  1. So what’s the nimshal over here? What message is Matzav trying to convey? Most families are semi dysfunctional and no one gives a darn when their Parents get older and need our help? Only one child has to do all the heavy lifting while all the other siblings sit on the sidelines (giving all the great advice) waiting for their yerusha check???


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