Luxurious Super Yacht Named with the Sheim Hashem

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A designer has created a series of stunning concept images to showcase a luxurious super yacht which comes complete with an enormous viewing deck, glass bottomed pool and an aquarium, THE SUN reports.

The enormous 492-ft yacht, called the Shaddai, boasts an elevated cabin which would offer jaw-dropping views over the surrounding ocean – from a height of 125ft above the water’s surface.

Italian designer Gabriel Teruzzi is the man behind the stunning concept, although it would certainly take a bold builder to bring the incredible craft to life.

The cabin has a 1,130 square foot terrace with a bar, dining area and an infinity pool with a glass wall, offering incredible views at the same time as guaranteeing complete privacy. Closer to sea level, the main deck comes with a beach club and an infinity pool with a glass floor, in addition to an aquarium in the middle of the room.

The vessel’s name, Shaddai, is a Hebrew word meaning ‘almighty’ or ‘all-powerful.’

The main deck is kitted out with sun loungers, and passengers would be able to hear the sound of water cascading down from the infinity pool above as they relaxed.

Gabriel said that the eye-catching design was inspired by modern architecture, adding: “To ascend from the ground has been a desire in the human kind since the very beginnings.” Read more at THE SUN.




  1. David ic? Maybe the water displacement is Batman. The name is too casual to sink!

    Hashem must be feared but still the boat is grand.

    Russia might want to keep up with this one.

    Build boats not bombs!


  2. I told them a hundred times I would prefer if they didn’t publicize the pictures. And it was my eved k’naani who named it, not me.


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