Mail-In Voting Faces Slew Of Issues Nationwide

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Mail-in voting across the country has led to a series of anomalous results in recent weeks – including delayed, misplaced and missing ballots, a review by Fox News has found.

As the issues surfaced, Fox News obtained a copy of a recent U.S. Postal Service (USPS) memo sent to employees detailing budget-related cutbacks.

Mark Dimondstein, the president of the America Postal Workers Union, told Fox News that the changes are significantly slowing down mail delivery, and that he is concerned about the impact it will have on mail-in ballots in November.

“Anytime the mail slows down, it’s harder for the postal workers to serve the customers, whether it’s a mail ballot or anything else,” Dimondstein said. “So, again, we’re just absolutely opposed to any effort to slow down mail, to delay mail. And that includes, obviously, for the ballots as well.”
In the memo, the USPS says mail carriers may have to leave mail behind at distribution centers in order to make it on time to their delivery routes.

Read more at Fox News.



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