Marco Rubio: No One’s Saying We Are at War With All Muslims

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MARCO RUBIOGOP presidential candidate and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio responded Monday to criticism from the left that he and other Republicans say America is at war with all Muslims.

“No one is saying that we’re at war with an entire religion,” Rubio said on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity.” “We’re helping the Kurds. They’re Muslims. We’re trying to empower Sunnis on the ground to defeat ISIS. They’re Muslims. We work closely with Jordan and Egypt. They’re Muslims.”

The war, he said is with radical jihadists, who are motivated by their interpretation of Islam.

The Egyptian military calls ISIS radical Islamists “because that is what they are,” Rubio said. “It is important to identify who they are and what they’re motivated by, because if you are not going to acknowledge what motivates your adversary, then you can’t come up with a strategy to defeat them.”





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