Mayor Bill De Blasio Cancels Coronavirus Briefing Due To Illness With COVID-like Symptoms

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio canceled all events on his schedule Monday, marking the first time the city’s leader will not hold a briefing on the coronavirus during a weekday in more than 100 days.

De Blasio’s office sent an email to media outlets a short time before his scheduled 9:30 a.m. briefing from City Hall announcing that all events had been cancelled.

Press Secretary Freddi Goldstein, the mayor is under the weather.

“The Mayor woke up feeling under the weather and is going to take the day to recuperate and work from home. We expect to be back to our regular programming tomorrow,” Goldstein said via Twitter.

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    • The real De Blasio is not around and his clone is malfunctioning, hence covid-like symptoms and needs to be quarantined for several weeks. How else can they get it out to repair?

    • One has to search out the source of the reports. The announcement stated “gastrointestinal symptoms”. The CDC lists diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting as COVID-19 symptoms (as experienced by 1/3rd of reported cases). The other point is that 12 days ago the mayor’s administration recommended everyone get tested – yet the mayor has not followed his own administration’s recommendation.

    • that woman has a history of incorrect medical conclusions before she decided to get involved in the anti-vax movement.
      people like her discredit all findings of the anti-vax movement. if you would simplify your arguments, instead of broad over-generalizations, people would listen to you a little more.

    • take a look at her shoddy work on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which misled people to believe that their CFS was being caused by XMRV (a form of leukemia) by manipulating the results from the 2 samples out of 20 that actually contained XMRV.
      That kind of research is wrong any way you look at it because it creates panic amongst the population that you are researching. Just imagine someone you care about was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and you were told that it was likely caused by some form of Leukemia. Not pleasant.
      in case you were wondering why I use Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and CFS interchangeably, they are the same thing

  1. Yes – it really would be ironic if he picked up Covid-19 at the BLM rally. Likewise, if every “protester” who looted and destroyed property would be zapped with Covid-19…
    Hashem gives us bechira, so He wouldn’t do it that way, but the thought is amusing.

  2. He probably caught something from his princess daughter who had joined the rioters before being arrested. Ah, such nachas. Civil disobedience or is it parental disobedience?

  3. Maybe he should be put on a respirator and left to rot in the corner of an overworked ICU that’s busy taking care of people who got hurt by the demonstrators he so lovingly protected…


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