WATCH THIS: Heshy Tischler And Friends Break Open Lock At Shuttered NYC Park



  1. huh? they locked the people in the park? i dont understand how it was locked with people inside. or there was another way to get in…

    • It was a photo-op. That’s what politicians do. Nu nu. The kids do have a right to use taxpayer funded City parks. We paid/pay for them and have every right to use them. The real question should be, why do we continue to pay DeBlasio’s salary? Why do we give him free housing in Gracie Mansion? Why do we allow him to break the law and create NYC as a sanctuary city?

    • Good! Because that’s how the nazis started. Small discrimination episodes against Jews. ENOUGH! A black couple cut the lines and walked before the rest into a mall that opened with distancing rules and nobody said a word! Protests and looting are widely allowed. Waterfronts are packed in Brooklyn. Clear discrimination on people that have lots of kids AKA Jews.

      • @mimi.
        At the end of bayis sheini there were a few different groups. one of them took a hardliner attitude toward the romans and fought them, against the directive of the leaders of the ‘perushim’. the resulting galus is attributed to them.
        It is very painful to feel singled out and mistreated. But acting in anger without proper forethought is a very bad idea.

    • Dear Yaakov B, we are in golus – therefore you should not be up at 2:42 AM typing stupid comments. Daas Torah says you’ve gotta wake up for Shacharis. Also, don’t be a traitor.

        • Dear 12:01, whatever your team fights for, whether right or wrong, is irrelevant. You make a move against your team, you are a traitor. Obviously, if this has to be explained, you are beyond help.

      • your insults are plain stupid, also, i’m not certain the time that it says is the actual time it was typed, i thought it might be time posted.
        But in case it is, I would definitely suggest that 10:41 is a great time to be either in SEDER or at WORK. if we’re going down the that road y’know..

  2. Kindly realize that parks in other neighborhoods are wide open. It is the parks in the neighborhoods in which the residents are primarily Frum in which the parks are shuttered. All this comes when the pols are busy encouraging riots and protests.

      • Dear 12:02pm, of course other people are going to the parks. So you are right – context matters. From the context of your comment, it is obvious that you are a not-so-bright traitor.

  3. Great Job! The Nazi’s Brownshirts could have been stopped with a few policemen but people felt we have to keep quiet and just follow along. We need more Like Hershy Tischler. This is the only language Warren William Deblasio understands. he only got bolder when the we all meekly apologized for his Jewish Community tweet. Now let’s keep rolling and not vote for a single democrat in NY again.

  4. way to go heshy!!!! dont listen to anyone else! if there will be one guy to fight deDumbell face to face, its you!

    • Dear Jack, you are right, two wrongs don’t make right. Just because you were lobotomized by some mean psychiatrist, doesn’t mean you should be a self-hating Stockholm Syndrome traitor; but alas you are.

  5. I hope people are being responsible and asking daas torah before making decisions to break into parks. Also I hope people are explaining to their children that doing this (breaking open playgrounds illegally) is a specific exception due to the fact that the mayor is being completely insane and irresponsible and that normally we must follow the law.

    • Jawohl herr kommandant 3:58pm! Must follow law!
      Here you are blabbering about laws, but you conveniently forgot to mention that there are no such laws as to allow governmental retaliation against any person or any group. Just because Di Blasio(or Cuomo) has proclaimed himself a king, doesn’t change the fact that whatever Di Blasio does is against the law. In fact, Di Blasio is a mayor, not a legislator, and he has no right to make any laws. Try to get it into your thick head: it is Di Blasio/Cuomo team who have broken enough laws to spend decades in prison; our people are completely innocent. So stop embarrassing yourself by talking about subjects you are ignorant about.

      • comparing other jews to nazis how mature of you. I see closing the schools allowed the children on the internet.

  6. Some of the insulting comments are really nasty and in poor taste (and I hope nobody defends them as being l’shem shomayim)


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