Mayor’s Wife Chirlane McCray To Decide Fate Of NYC Statues Of Washington, Jefferson

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First lady Chirlane McCray will put statues and structures honoring historic figures tainted by slavery — including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson — under the microscope as part of a new “Commission on Racial Justice and Reconciliation,” Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Friday.

Hizzoner’s move comes a day after five city lawmakers — including City Council Speaker Corey Johnson — sent a letter requesting the statue of Jefferson be removed from the council’s chamber, as leaders across the city and nation struggle to respond to weeks of protests over racism that followed the death of George Floyd.

“This is exactly the kind of thing that this new commissions needs to examine,” de Blasio told reporters during his morning briefing, announcing his wife’s latest assignment. “I think it is the time to evaluate the entire look and feel of this city and a commission that’s focused on justice and reconciliation can really think about a bigger approach.”

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  1. Who is she? She wasted millions of tax dollars on cleaning up the homeless problem. Nothing was cleaned up. In fact, homelessness has risen under the leadership of Ms. McCray. She is an incompetent race hustler.

    • if only it was just millions. She has yet to explain where approximately $1 billion dollars appropriated to her homeless campaign went

  2. There used to be slavery in New York. (as a matter of fact it was the second to last northern state to abolish it). Thus the name New York is inherently racist. We should start a petition to change the name. I suggest the the new name to be New Dystopia.

  3. de Blasio wants to get rid of this to get rid of whites being superior over blacks. He should resign he’s a white and he’s superior over the blacks in his city

  4. the country called america was named for a white man, amricus vespucious(sp) the america we grew up in and were proud of has been brought down by the same people who are bringing down the statues

  5. We know how well this will turn out. Watch between now and November 2021 she will be given many more “jobs” highly visible ones. He can’t run for Mayor again thank G-d
    So she is being positioned to be elected Brooklyn Borough President a stepping stone
    to becoming mayor.

    If we all vote we can stop her.


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