McDonald’s Will Open At Ben Gurion Despite Campaign Against It


McDonald’s Israel won a tender to operate its fast-food restaurants at Ben-Gurion Airport, in the departure hall and Sky Hall in Terminal 3 and at the hot dog stands in the departure hall in Terminal 1.

The concession period is seven years, and the contract includes an option to extend the period by twenty-four months.

McDonald’s won the tender despite the calls to activate the Boycott Law against it and prevent it from winning due to its unwillingness to open franchises in the Shomron region.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Con-Fat-ulations!

    Frankly, my dangerous society, I do not give a quart of panic. Just hire more doctors.

  2. Will it be 100% Kosher or will it cause people arriving to the Holy Land to turn back when they see ham and bacon hanging at the airport of the Jewish country?

    • Stupid comment. None of the McDonald’s in Eretz Yisrael sell products containing ham or bacon, chas v’shalom. All of the Kosher McDonald’s are under the supervision of the local Rabbinate and are closed on Shabbos and Chag.

        • McDonald’s Israel does not have any restaurants “beyond the Green Line”. Some Israelis are unhappy with this, and do not think McDonald’s should be rewarded with the airport concession rights.

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