MEASLES ALERT: Health Ministry Warns That Passengers On El Al Flight From New York To Israel May Have Been Exposed

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The Israeli Health Ministry is warning passengers of El Al flight from New York to Israel Last week may have been exposed to the measles.

The Health Ministry is warning that passengers that were on EL AL Flight 002 which departed from Kennedy Airport in New York on March 26 and landed in Israel on the 27th were exposed to someone who was carrying the measles virus. Anyone who is developing signs of illness and was on this flight should immediately go to the doctor and minimize exposure to public places.

One stewardess is in critical condition after contracting the disease. The woman is currently on a respirator at the Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba.




  1. Uh oh. It’s all over! So this is how it’s going to end. I always stayed up nights wondering how it was going to end. All hands on deck. Each man for himself. Run for the hills. Maybe a yom teffila for the brave survivors is in order. I’m out. Seeeee yuuu!

  2. Enough of you measles alerts. Do have an alert every time someone has the chicken pox? It’s a non-issue. I know plenty of cases of people getting the measles and they get better with no big to-do. Forget this nonsense.

    • Big Pharma is almost going bankrupt thanks to those who’ve learned the truth.

      • they dont care. because it’s not them. they dont care about the hearing loss the brain damage or death. because they. live in a fantasy bubble.

    • To Mr. Anonymous:

      I TOTALLY AGREE!! Are there any “ALERTS” when someone has a heart attack??? Are there any “ALERTS” when someone has a stroke??? Are there any “ALERTS” when someone has Yenem Machla??? Are there any “ALERTS” when someone has pneumonia??? Are there any “ALERTS” when someone has tuberculosis???

      The list goes on and on of numerous terrible diseases that are thousands of times more dangerous and deadly than measles, and yet no alerts are ever issued for them!!

      Furthermore, IF, there ever would be a day when RACHMANA LITZLAN, the “sky really would be falling,” which is a day when really “there would be no sky” — the phrase “no sky” was employed by The Reader’s Digest in one of its Pictorial Histories of World War II to refer to the atmosphere above the city of Hiroshima on the morning of August 6, 1945 — would the “NUCLEAR ALERT’s” that would then be issued carry even an infinitesimally tiny fraction of the vehemence and alarm and urgency and hate that is now in the alerts of measles??????

  3. So the Health Ministry is OFFICIALLY warning passengers WHO WERE VACCINATED (like the stewardess) and exposed to the measles to go to the doctor.

    • Maybe the stewardess was not vaccinated because of known medical issues. Doesnt mean she should put at risk by people who can get vaccinated and dont. Its almost like Redifoh!

    • when i had measles as a kid, the Doctor came to my house!! Why risk exposing others in the doctor’s office? House calls should definitely make a comeback! For the health of all!

  4. Did anyone ever think about the poor people who have fought CANCER and now are being exposed to the measles. Even if they had the vaccine or the disease before they are no longer immune and cannot get the vaccine at this time.

    • If those “poor people” were born before the fatal vaccinations emerged in the markets, there’s nothing to worry about because most likely they’ve contracted the natural childhood measles as children and are immune FOR LIFE and will not get the measles again – ever!
      If they were born afterwards, they were surely vaxxed as kids and should be safe even when exposed. Didn’t the doctor tell you that? So when did the immunity stop for the vaxxed? Why did they take it in the first place if it’s worthless and they’re not immune for life?

      • when someone has cancer and goes for treatment, their whole immune system is wiped out and they are not immune to anything. so if they got the shots as a child then had cancer, they are not immune and can not get the shot!

  5. I would be the first one to believe that there is an underlying medical issue. Headline news to state that she is in critical condition due to measles exposure….

  6. I am going threw cancer treatment now, it’s bad enough as is it is…. WHY ARE YOU IDOITS DOING THIS TO ME? How in the world do you think that your reading a few posts online makes you smarter than doctors AND RABBONIM!!! ANTI-VAXING=MURDERING

  7. No one hides the fact that the vaccine doesn’t provide 100% protection! The idea is that the more people that get it, the less likely those who are unprotected will get it. That includes the 3% or so of the vaccinated population, who for some reason, are not immune. However, the ignorant, primitive sheep, who don’t get vaccinated ruin the idea of herd immunity for infants and other non immune people.


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