Measles Outbreak Surpasses 800 In The US

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The number of measles cases in the US is now at 839 for the year, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s weekly measles update.

That’s 75 more cases than the agency reported last week and is inching closer to the 963 cases reported in 1994 which is the highest number of cases in a year in the last 25 years.

Last month, the number of cases this year became the highest number of cases in a single year since the virus was declared eliminated in the US in 2000. The designation means measles was no longer being transmitted within the country.

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  1. What do you say about the story of an autistic child that after measles (which detoxifies) can now speak words, and stopped throwing temper tantrums?

    • Bah, that’s nothing.
      Just last week an anti-vaxxer with measles walked through a graveyard and within twelve hours all the buried people had revived, dug themselves out of their graves, and returned to work as productive members of society. One of them was a buggy-whip maker who’d died back in 1886, but within three days he’d attended and graduated a web-programming course and is now the top-paid project leader on Google’s lunar landing project. Another was hired by the Cleveland Indians baseball organization to help them win a World Series for the first time in more than seventy years. He found that task so challenging for one individual that he self-evolved, grew a second head, and is planning the 2019 victory parade as we speak.

      Honest! The MSM is hiding all this from the Sheeple, but it’s all over the Real News(tm) for those who are smart and brave enough to seek the truth.

      • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ba ha! Zeyr gut gezuckt! You can’t reason with these loonies.
        If you add, the Dolphins winning another Superbowl, that would be great.

  2. Can you give more info about that story? That’s amazing!!! It should be publicized and brought to the attention of all the rabbonim.

  3. Good news that the public has lost their full confidence in mainstream media and will not be led like sheep to the slaughter anymore. The people have finally woken up to the truth and realized the dishonesty and distortion of MSM, the vaccination hoax which is a money-making business for Big Pharma and the privately owned organization known as the CDC. The public have finally grasped that if vaccinations works so well, why are they getting the measles?

  4. The fact that Bill Gates, Al Gore, President Trump, the rich, affluent and well educated people do not vaccinate their children, should tell you everything.

    • More fake news… Bill Gates and his wife have a foundation where they go to poor third world countries and pay for vaccines for everyone!!! Google it. They are 100% pro vaccines.

      It’s amazing to me how these anti-vaxxers continue to lie and lie and lie.

      • True they are pro vaccines for others but they DO NOT VACCINATED their OWN children. They admitted so themselves.

  5. Now that you mention Bill Gates, did you know that Bill Gates called Dr. Stanley Plotkin’s book (Plotkin’s Vaccines) “the bible of vaccinologists” ? And did you know that at a NVAC meeting in 2017, Plotkin (an atheist) responded to this compliment with these words, “I hope you all indeed have read the book, and I hope it’s more accurate than the Bible.” ?

    Can you imagine the backlash if anti-vaxxers (or pro-choice) had Dr. Plotkin on their side?

  6. And millions of cases of strep, flu, rsv!!! We should shut down the city!! Everyone should just walk around in gas masks because someone may get a rash!


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