Measles Outbreaks Kills 1200, Mostly Children, In Madagascar

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A measles outbreak in Madagascar has killed more than 1,200, with much of the island lacking the resources to combat the disease, according to NBC News.

Only 58 percent of the island’s residents have been vaccinated against the disease, according to the news outlet, and medical experts say vaccination rates must reach between 90 and 95 percent to safeguard against outbreaks.

Unlike other outbreaks, such as a recent series in New York, that have their roots in misinformation and active resistance to the vaccine, Madagascar’s is largely driven by poverty and lack of resources, according to the news outlet.

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  1. Sarah Stern so what’s your excuse now? People are dying and you still agitate and spread misinformation against vaccination in Williamsburg and Bayswater . People it’s time to expose this anti vaccer for her misleading the community , Her husband Chaim Stern is also spreading misinformation , we are planning as a group to gather in front of her home on Healy Ave Bayswater NY to demand her to stop this chili’s hashem and jeopardizing Jewish lives.

    • Fakestream conspiracy theorists at their best for naive tinfoil hatters.

    • Had measles been so deadly, humanity would have been extinct long ago. Until about 1970 there was no vaccination for measles. Measles was known for a mild childhood disease, like chickenpox, which all or most children went through and hardly anyone died or was injured from. Measles death started with the vaccination; either from the actual vaccination or from those who got the vaccination and nevertheless contracted measles after being exposed since they lost their immunity. While for an older person getting measles can be very fatal, for a child, measles strengthens their immunity for life. Which is why so many people have stopped vaccinating their children. So this report is just another scare tactic and most probably not true. Wait another few days and it’ll be joining the fake news junk media. You need to do some research and to differentiate between real news and fake stuff.

  2. The report does not provide evidence on how they got the disease. Were they vaccinated or unvaccinated? If they got it from the unvaccinated, did they have the measles?

    • Stop believing fake news. They come up with islands and people you’ve never heard of and can’t personally check out to brainwash the naive and unsophisticated like posters above yours.

      • Hey just because you are ignorant and uneducated doesn’t mean that others haven’t heard of Madagascar. It is a poor island country off the coast of East Africa and has been around for a long time.
        According to the WHO only 50 percent of the population has been vaccinated which is far from enough for herd immunity. Also because of the poverty children are malnourished and thus catch measels easier and also die from it easier.

        • The term herd immunity is propaganda invented by Big Pharma and the AMA to fool people into getting vaccinated. Natural immunity is the only defense against the spread of this disease.

  3. The people of Madagascar are largely unvaccinated due to the lack of available medical care. While tragic, this story has nothing to do with the whole pro/anti vaccine argument.

  4. אין פורענות בא לעולם אלא בשביל ישראל
    Everything has to do with us .
    When we will stop blaming and speaking badly about each other,and realizing
    that measles doesn’t harm,
    vaccines don’t harm,
    אין הנחש ממית אלא החטא ממית.
    Time to get busy with serious stuff.

    לשנה הזאת בירושלים

  5. The MMR vaccine’s prescribing information says, “Women of childbearing age should be advised not to become pregnant for three months after vaccination.”(Obviously, women who are pregnant now, or may be pregnant, should not take this vaccine.) I do think that those who are calling for forced vaccination should be sharing this information with the public.
    The legal challenge just filed in the New York State Trial court against forced vaccination in Brooklyn can be found here:

  6. Over 80,000 people in the US died from the cold and flu last winter. I guess we should all just walk around in glass bubbles.

  7. malnourished and no health care are the biggest risk factors here (bigger than nonvaccinated)
    Each person should chose what he feels is best for themselves and their families. If your vaccinated you shouldnt be worried, and if you are worried try to remeber who is in charge
    אין עוד מלבדו
    those at greater risk need to be more vigilant, possibly vaccinated, and faith in the one above.
    Health and longevity to all with peace amongst us BzH


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