Melania Speechwriter Offers to Resign, Trump Says No

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A speechwriter for the Donald Trump campaign has taken responsibility for Melania Trump’s speech two nights ago.

Meredith Mclver said she offered her resignation but that Trump refused to accept it.

In a statement, seen in full below, Mclver said that Melania Trump has always admired Michelle Obama and read her some passages from Mrs. Obama’s 2008 speech as examples of what she wanted to say.


  1. CHAIM yankel your bogus you are this media latzunus bashing. Her speech was awesome and it was a few short ideas out of a 15 minute ridiculous .

  2. This makes Melania Trump look even worse. Up until this apology we could give her the benefit of the doubt. We could have assumed that the speech writer was the one who copied from Obama and Melania was not aware of the origin of the lines. Now we know Melania was fully aware that she was repeating Obama’s words. So maybe, even though she speaks 5 languages, Melania Trump is not that smart.


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