Menachem Stark Murderer Kendel Felix Sentenced to 15 Years to Life


Kendel Felix, the man charged in the murder five years ago of Williamsburg businessman Reb Menachem Stark z”l, appeared this afternoon before Judge Danny Chun, acting justice of the Kings County Supreme Court, and was sentenced to 15 years to life behind bars.

Kendel’s shortened sentence was attributed to his having cooperated with prosecutor Howard Jackson in the trial of his co-defendant, his cousin, Erskin Felix, who won’t be sentenced until June and could face up to 25 years in prison.

Kendel, who has already been in jail for five years and will thus be released in ten years, could have received a max of 25 years to life, but got the reduced number because of what Jackson called “oustanding” cooperation. Kendel was 26 years old at the time of the murder.

Kendel told the Stark family in the courtroom that he is sorry for what he did and that he did not know that his involvement in this crime would lead to Menachem’s death.

In the past, Kendel confessed to police that he and another person physically struggled with Menachem, forced him into the vehicle and drove away. According to the chief medical examiner of Nassau County, Menachem died as a result of asphyxia by compression of neck and chest. Investigations revealed that Menachem was screaming on the top of his lungs, when Felix and the others were ordered to sit on him to quieten him down. As a result, Menachem suffocated and passed away.

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  1. this murderer is entering prison as a stupid young man. he will be let out as an older but even stupider person. the time spent in prison will not be devoted to counselling and academic/vocational education. he will have no ability to earn a living. he will have no ability to make moral choices. he will learn how to protect himself from other inmates and how not to get caught next time. sending a person to prison without any real opportunity for rehabilitation is really a punishment for the entire community. until and unless the united states learns that strengthening moral character and teaching our children how to make better choices, giving them the education that will allow them to lead a decent life should be as much a part of the curriculum as teaching reading

    and since the citizenry of this country does not agree with that, they fight hard to close yeshivas and such type of school. and that’s why we will continue to see shootings in universities as well as shuls.

  2. 15 years for murder???!!!!!
    Rubashkin 27 years
    Lakewood rabbi (forgot his name) the prosecution requested12 years

    מלכות של חסד?
    או מדינת סדום

  3. OJ Simpson walked scot free. Yeh, he’s still searching for the real killers, on the golf course.
    Yes, of course it’s about race. It has always been about race. These corrupt white judges have so much white guilt on their shoulders, that they must bend over backwards to exonerate a person of color. Just like Jeff Sessions & Mitt Romney, these judges would never want to be called a R A C I S T! Now if it’s an Orthodox Jew, then they have to come down with a heavy hammer.


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