Miami Imam: Christianity Is The Problem In America, Islam Is The Solution

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 Miami-based imam Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi said during a recent sermon that he was saddened by Muslims participating in Black Lives Matter protests, because “every life matters,” and asserted that Christianity was the main problem in the West today.

Speaking on June 5 at the North Miami Islamic Center, Kablawi said that Christians believe that (Yoshke) died for their sins and that as a result that they can commit crimes such as looting and repent for them later. “You tell me how such a religion will create good citizens,” he asked, before going on to state that the solution to America’s problems is Islam.

Later in the sermon, Kablawi said that according to Darwinism, the European race must “exterminate the savage race” of people with bigger lips and darker skin.

The sermon, titled, “This Is How We Should Look at the George Floyd Issue as Muslims,” was streamed live on the mosque’s Facebook page.

Kablawi, who is a dentist and originally from Jordan, wrote an article in Ghurabaa Islamic Magazine in 2010 in which he claimed that the Jews had incurred the anger of God. In November 2019, Salman Rashid, who is affiliated with the North Miami Islamic Center, was arrested for plotting an Islamic State attack against the deans of Broward College and Miami Dade College.





  1. The Imam brings up some excellent points. I agree with him 100%. The dumb stupid whites that were marching, looting, & rioting with the blacks are so mindlessly hypocritical. The wicked evil Jews that joined with the dregs, are even worse. The rioters hate the whites & Jews who are trying to kowtow to them. It’s the same thing with the Palestinians. They hate those NK puppets that come near them and try to be like them. If they are ever given a chance, the first people they would slaughter would be the NK dogs.

    WHY IS HE NO LONGER A DENTIST August 4, 2017
    Dr. Fadi Yousef Qablawi, 39, targeted elderly patients with Medicaid by telling them their procedure would have to be paid out-of-pocket, despite knowing that Medicaid would actually cover the work, according to the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit under the Office of Attorney General in Florida.Dentures, for example, require only a 5 percent co-pay from the insured individual aged 21 and older.Investigators said Qablawi would instead charge the patient the full cost for the procedure, roughly between $300 and $600, and then bill Medicaid for a reimbursement, as well.


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