Minneapolis Agrees To Ban Police Chokeholds In Wake Of George Floyd Death


Negotiators for the city of Minneapolis have agreed with the state to ban the use of chokeholds by police and to require police to report and intervene any time they see an unauthorized use of force by another officer, the AP reports.

The moves are part of a stipulation between the city and the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, which launched a civil rights investigation this week in response to the death of George Floyd in police custody. The city council is expected to approve the agreement Friday.

The agreement, which will be enforceable in court, would require any officer, regardless of tenure or rank, to immediately report the use of any neck restraint or chokehold from the scene to their commander or their commander’s superiors. Read more.



  1. Fake News the arrested guy does not even resemble the cop. It’s just a photo of another criminal.

  2. Josh Darabaner says: Mazal Tov ! It’s about time that “Minneapolis agrees to ban police chokeholds”. How unfortunate it is that it comes “in wake of George Floyd’s death”. Maybe Minneapolis will serve as an example
    for the entire country, especially as regards the knee-against-the-neck chokehold. My gosh, the carotid artery
    is right below the skin of the neck ! How can it be applied to even a healthy person, let alone a sick person as
    George Floyd was, regardless of the fact that he had a criminal record ?


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