Missing Israeli Soldier Found Dead

Photo: Israel Defense Forces
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An Israeli soldier who was missing for several days has been found dead. IDF officials say the body of Cpl. Sagi Ben-David was found near the Hizma military checkpoint in East Yerushalayim Thursday after an extensive search.

An investigation into Cpl. Ben-David’s death has been initiated, but military officials don’t believe a terror attack was the cause behind his death.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}



  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if most Israeli soldiers would rather get a 40 pound chunk of concrete in the head rather than shoot back. An emasculated shade of the formerly great army. Nothing will change until the lower officers and soldiers will stop complying (non violent Gandhi style resistance – relax) with the political orders. Without a chain of command, the elites are just a bunch of comical nobodies.


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