MK Margi Blames Lalum for Emmanuel Fiasco, Deri Meets Slonimer Rebbe

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yaakov-margiMinister of Religious Services Yakov Margi of Shas today urged the religious-Sephardic public not to take part in a mass rally scheduled to take place in Yerushalayim tomorrow plan to escort to prison parents from Emmanuel who are refusing to obey a High Court ruling forcing them to send them to a local school.

As we’ve reported, on Tuesday, Justices Edmond Levy, Edna Arbel and Chanan Meltzer ruled that Emmanuel parents who do not inform the High Court of Justice in writing by today that they will obey the court’s order to return their daughters to the Beit Yaakov school in Emmanuel will be imprisoned for two weeks.

A few months ago, the court demanded the school “remove every formal and material sign of the rampant discrimination.” The ruling came in response to a petition filed by Yoav Lalum of the Noar Kahalacha association, and Dr. Aviad Hacohen, dean of the Sha’arei Mishpat law school.

 Lalum and Hacohen complained the school and education network were in contempt of court, and were not following the ruling.

Margi, who called the affair a “tragedy,” said “I call (on the religious-Sephardic public) not to take part in the rally tomorrow and continue to live in harmony with the Ashkenazim.”

“The court should have realized that this was a problematic issue, and the chassidim should have been aware of the court’s nuances,” he said. “There are twenty-thousand ways to preserve ideology while complying with the court.”

Margi blamed Lalum for the tensions surrounding the saga, and called on the Sephardic public to “condemn” him. “He is not a resident of Emmanuel – the Sephardic public did not elect him,” he said.

“The Sephardic public has acted responsibly throughout the affair,” the minister added.

Meanwhile, security around Justice Levy has been boosted following the ruling in the Emmanuel school affair.

Former Shas leader Aryeh Deri met today with the Slonimer Rebbe, Rav Shmuel Berezovsky, in a last-ditch effort to work out a compromise between the Ashkenazi and Sephardic parents.

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  1. MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism), who met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman, told the Knesset: “We, the ultra-Orthodox community, will not respect rulings, not of lower courts and not of the High Court, that contradict the Torah.”

    Gafni went on to say that there is an opportunity to prevent the parents from being jailed. “These pictures [of the parents being jailed] will be published worldwide and there will be no escape from thinking about what happened in other countries at other times when ultra-Orthodox Jews with side locks and beards went to jail.”

  2. If a compromise can not be found between two groups of charedei yidden, then we are in major hot water.

  3. Comprehensive preparation meeting was held tonight (Wednesday) at Agudath Israel in Jerusalem, attended by activists from all walks of haredi public in preperation for tommorows planned massive gathering.
    The schedule will be as follows:
    Jerusalem: The gathering will start at 14:00 on Rechov Yirmiyuhu. The prisoners will be on the bridge in their Sabbath clothes with chains on their hands and ribbons on their clothes with the words “????? ????? ?? ????? (“Prisiners who are sanctifying G-Ds Name”) 
    14:00 Recitel of Tehillim.  Lead by one of the Rabbonim.
    Next will be a speach by one of the residents of Emmanuel.
    Next will be the recitel of Kabbulas Ol Malchus Shamayim.
      At the end of the rally the prisiners will be escorted on their way through the streets Bar Ilan Yeremiah,Shmuel Hanuvi, Shivtei Yisroel, and Rechov Haniviim towards the Russian Compound. Tens of thousands of vehicles will be accompanied with an orchestra. Points where Hatzolah will be stationed are on streets: Shamgar, TT yard, Yeremiah, and the corner of Gore and Akeidas Yitzchak. Hatzolah motorcycles will accompany the participants in all the surrounding streets.
     Drinking positions in the public interest will be at Abbuian St. Jeremiah Brandes corner, near Abiam"ed Gore, meeting Ushinsky street prophet Samuel, the Mandelbaum Gate and study the history of the tribes of Israel Aaron Street. 

    The Bnei Brak schedule is: 

    The gathering will be simulare but begin at 13:00. 
    Tehillim will be lead by Hagoan HaRov Wossner Shlita. 
    The bus companies will increase the lines between and among cities. Owners of Shofros are asked to bring them with them.
    Woman will participate at this location by reciting Tehillim at home. 

    People are asked to make sure they drink enough. 
    The public is asked to be carefull to prevent violence in any way and not be dragged into provocations.
     The detainees will be transferred from the Russian Compound detention prison to other prisons.

    The Rabbonim call on all Chareidim to join in this protest in order to show that the Din Torah supercedes all other laws. For thousand of years people gave up there lives for Kiddush Shem Shumayim and now we will go to prison to be Mikadesh Shem Shumayim as well.

  4. The two sons of the Slonimer Rebbe were by the Belzer Rebbe tonight, and the Rebbe told them he feels their pain, and that its klal yisroel problem not only Emanuel and that he will help them anything that he can.

    BUT he told them that the pained because whole problem stems from that theres no achdus between the leaders and askonim, so far that these in these stormy days the Gedolie Yisroel, Charedi MK’s and askonim arent ready to sit down around one table to mobilize how to deal with the new gezieros r”l, everybody is busy with their own survival, and because of that the High Court gets the courage to fight us.

  5. We’re being pushed away from the center so that each one of us straddling the fence will be forced to answer the question: ?? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ???????? ?? ???? ??? ??


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