MK Oren: “Obama Brought Radical Muslim Values Into The White House”

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michael orenFormer Israeli Ambassador to the United States and current member of the Knesset for the Kulanu party spoke today in Beer Sheva against Barack Obama.

Oren claimed that it is the first time that “radical Muslim values have entered the White House.”

Oren referred to the tensions between President Obama and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, stating that “Obama’s worldview would have been problematic to any Israeli government, including a leftist government.”

Oren also stated that “Obama never would use the term ‘radical Islam’ because it defines who belongs to this world.” However, Oren also mentioned that there is a strong bond between America and Israel.

In June 2015, Oren had written a harsh Wall Street Journal article in which he accused US President Barack Obama of deliberately causing the deterioration in the relationship between the United States and Israel. After writing this letter, Oren clarified that he did not believe the US President was anti-Israeli but that he was too strict with Israel whenever it came to the diplomatic issue.

Oren asserted that “Mr. Obama voided President Bush’s commitment to include the major settlement blocs and Jewish Jerusalem within Israel’s borders in any peace agreement. Instead, he insisted on a total freeze of Israeli construction in those areas.” Jerusalem Online

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  1. IF the inflamatory headline of this article is a verbatim quote it wasn’t a smart thing to say. Not only that, but it’s incorrect. It’s the kind of comment that you expect from yahoos who think President Obama is the devil incarnate, not sober diplomats and politicians who disagree – however strongly – with Obama’s policies.

  2. Disagree with Anonymous #1. President Obama is the devil incarnate, not a sober diplomat by any stretch of the imagination. He hates everything including whites, Israel (read Jews), America, and anyone who disagrees with his twisted world view. The hallmark of a diplomat is compromise, and he has yet to compromises since he is always right.

    He is a very bad and dangerous person. Why would you say otherwise? His title doesn’t exempt him from responsibility, it gives him more. He has done nothing right, understands nothing and can’t even talk without a teleprompter. I would love to see any positive accomplishments of his enumerated.

  3. I wish Mr Anonymous were right but I,m afraid Mr Oren is right.The only thing we can pray for is that Obama is out of office before he can do more harm.His “Deals” with Iran may make Isil look like childs play


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