Mossad Behind Iranian Military Base Blast


bushehr-in-southern-iranFrance’s Le Figaro newspaper alleged today that the Mossad was responsible for an explosion which took place in Iran’s Imam Ali military base, on October 12. The Imam Ali military base is located some 300 miles southwest of Tehran, amid rough mountainous terrain. It is one of the Islamic Republic’s most secure military facilities, said to house a network of underground hangars and various missiles, including Shahab-3 missiles. As such, it is protected by the Revolutionary Guards’ Special Forces unit, as well as by advanced anti-missile defense systems.

The explosion claimed the lives of 18 people and left 10 other injured. Iran maintains the blast was the result of a fire which broke out in an ammunition warehouse.

According to Le Figaro the blast was the latest in the Mossad’s effort to thwart Iran’s nuclear efforts. The paper also links it to other incidents, such as the recent cyber attack which paralyzed Iranian computers, technical sabotage, and various claimed scientist abductions.

The French newspaper said the blast proved to be a serious blow to Iran’s ability to defend its sensitive security installations, further weakening its ability to defend its nuclear facilities in case of an attack.



  1. Oh wow! For the first time, Iran is saying that the Mossad wasn’t responsible for something bad that happened in their country!

  2. Early Tuesday morning a large gentleman fell down and scraped his knee on the main street in Tehran. Scottish news reports state that Israeli intelligence agencies were behind the fall. In a statement to the state run media Abdul Fachwad-Al-Bijali said “We have no reason to believe that the Zionist regime was behind this attack”. Since the incident security has been tight around all playgrounds and gymnasiums.

    This so called attack together with earlier reports of Israeli intelligence stuffing toilets in the main university, in order to cause discomfort to many Tehran University students, one student who refused to give is name in fear of retaliation said “this type of bullying by Israel will not be tolerated by anyone” since that incident hundreds have rallied across Iran for tighter security around public restroom facilities”

    In a message to the users of the state run Public restrooms, Public Health minister, Fazook Hiba Bin-Ratcha said “I can assure you that Israel is not behind the attack, we have been doing our utmost to insure proper security at all public restrooms” Since the incident, many public restrooms are cleaned by the elite Iranian Revolutionary Custodians, also known as the IRC. Reporting live from Iran,the comedy capital of the world this is THECOMMISSIONER bringing you the news.

  3. Why do you write a caption like this? do you know if its true? You should writw something like, Mosad accused or suspectd by some of being connected to etc…. This is typical left wing 2010 way of writing news.


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