Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War II to open in 2014

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jewish-soldiers-world-war-2Jewish fighters during World War II will soon be commemorated at a new museum currently being built at Yad Lashiryon (Armored Corps Association) in Latrun, located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War II is scheduled to open at the beginning of 2014, and will present the heroic and fascinating stories of some 1.5 million Jewish fighters who participated in battles during WWII and survived. It will also commemorate the 250,000 Jewish fighters who were killed on the war’s various fronts.

The museum’s Web page describes the purpose of the museum as: “First and foremost, to tell, the story of the role played by the Jewish soldiers who fought in the Allied Armies and the Partisan forces during the Second World War, in defeating Nazi Germany and the other Axis powers.”

The museum also aims to emphasize “the heroism of those Jewish soldiers during one of the most tragic eras in the history of [the Jewish] people, to show the contribution they made to the emergence of the State of Israel and to the victory in the War of Independence.”

The museum intends to serve as an educational tool for future generations and to bring attention to Jewish fighters’ stories that have gone unnoticed.

The cost of the project is NIS 50 million ($13 million), with NIS 16 million ($4 million) coming from various government ministries and the remainder from donations.

{Israel Hayom/ Newscenter}


  1. The correct translation of ?? ?????? is Armored Corps Memorial.

    “Association” in Hebrew would be ????? and is therefore incorrect.


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