MyPillow Files Countersuit Against Dominion Voting Systems

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The MyPillow company, whose CEO Michael Lindell has helped former President Trump well-founded claims of widespread election fraud, is countersuing Dominion Voting Systems over Dominion’s defamation lawsuit against MyPillow.

In a federal lawsuit filed Monday in Minnesota seeking more than $1.6 billion in damages, MyPillow accused Dominion of “debasing the legal system” with its efforts to strike back at the right-wing campaign to discredit its voting systems.

“Dominion’s purpose is to silence debate; to eliminate any challenge to the 2020 presidential election; and to cancel and destroy anyone who speaks out against Dominion’s work on behalf of the government in administering the election,” the lawsuit reads.

Dominion filed a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Lindell and his company in February over his claims that Dominion assisted in engineering widespread election fraud that delivered the White House to President Biden in November. Lindell doubled down on those claims in February, releasing a three-hour documentary on the subject.

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  1. he should gather all the info from the latest states’ fraud investigation and prove that what he said is true although there is no “paper” trail. But all those “insiders” that confessed to the fraud of illegal ballots, etc. should be supenad.

  2. I think things should be taken in chronological order. This Dominion lawsuit has to wait until the entire cabal who foistered the baseless and FRADULENT alleged Russian Collusion campaign against Trump are sued and made to pay damages. That must be followed by the lawsuits for he baseless and FRAUDULENT claims that Russia placed a price for the head of American soldiers. And after all those lawsuits (among others) are properly dealt might there be time for Dominion to sue.

  3. Let’s not talk about baseless claims when every report that comes out following an in-depth look at what happened, it shows that there were issues.

    The Democrats favorite word over the corruption is widespread. To them if it’s widespread then it’s an issue but if it’s not widespread then it’s not a big deal. The problem is you don’t have to do widespread corruption in elections in order to win. You pick off certain counties and therefore the states turn. It’s very very very simple actually.

    Just remember, in 1960 they pulled the same shenanigans.

  4. Why does the media need to write “baseless” or “false” every time they make reference to allegations of voter fraud?

    Do they do that every time they make reference to anyone who made false allegations?

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