Nashville Bomber’s Partner Warned Police Last Year He Was Making Explosives

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A female acquaitance of the suspected Nashville bomber reportedly warned police last year that he was making explosives.

Documents obtained by The Tennessean revealed that officers visited the home of Anthony Q. Warner over a year ago after his girlfriend warned that he was making bombs in his recreational vehicle.

Authorities confirmed on Sunday that Warner was the suspect in the RV explosion that rocked downtown Nashville on Christmas morning. The Tennessean reported at the time that authorities identified him through DNA found at the scene.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Once again the useless FBI ignored warnings the FBI has become a joke political Gestapo for liberal democrats and that’s it !

  2. This is a symptomatic problem with these incompetent police departments. They don’t take what the average citizen tells them seriously. In their arrogance, they can’t be bothered with just some random taxpayer has to say. They don’t want to take on any “extra” responsibilities. These police are a bunch of lazy good for nothing, do nothing donut eaters, bullies, who’s only inspiration for the day is to give some poor unsuspecting citizen a $150 parking ticket on their windsheild. Then it’s back to looking at their taxpayer funded IRA, benefits package & pension plan, as they plan their next vacation. But we well know that not a single member of that precinct will be fired or demoted. These “better than you & me” police are above the law and are not responsible for any negligence on their part. Never. It’s time to strip them of their tax funded benefits & pension. Let them get a real job like the rest of us.


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