Nasrallah Delighted With Israel’s Political Turmoil Over Judicial Reform

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Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah referred on Thursday to the rift in Israeli society over the government’s planned judicial reforms.

“The foolish government in Israel is pushing for two major conflicts—an internal conflict within Israel and a conflict with the Palestinians that will expand to the region,” said Nasrallah, in a speech broadcast live on giant television screens in Beirut.

“We are hearing discourse from the entity’s president [Issac Herzog] and former prime ministers [Yair] Lapid, [Naftali] Bennett, [Ehud] Olmert, [Ehud] Barak and former defense ministers and a general who talk about civil war and bloodshed and that there is no solution to the challenges posed by the new government,” the Lebanese terrorist leader said.

Nasrallah also claimed that groups of Israelis have started to organize to leave the country. “Some of them are returning to the United States. They are talking about an 80-year obstacle [since independence] beyond which the country will not survive.”

He even quoted Herzog, who in a Feb. 12 speech warned that Israel was sitting on a “powder keg.”

Nasrallah also issued a warning regarding drilling in Lebanese waters, speaking on the background of news that Israel has shipped its first-ever cargo of crude oil from the Karish offshore field, saying that if Lebanon finds out it has been taken advantage of it won’t hesitate to stop Israel from continuing to drill in Karish. JNS



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