Neo-Nazis Set to March this Shabbos at Shomrei Emunah in Boro Park

>>Follow Matzav On Whatsapp!<< has learned that a group of Neo-Nazis, under the auspices of the infamous hater and bigot, Frederick Waldron Phelps, Sr., better known as Fred Phelps, will be marching in front of Khal Shomrei Emunah, which is located at 5202 14th Avenue in Boro Park. The shul is led by its rov, Rav Aviezer Cohen. The Neo-Nazi group will hold its “Death to the Jews March” beginning at 8:30 a.m. A simultaneous march will be held at the East Midwood Jewish Center, located at 1625 Ocean Avenue in Flatbush.

These are just two of countless marches and rallies held around the country by this group, which frequently pickets various events, especially military funerals and high-profile political gatherings, arguing that it is “their sacred duty to warn others of God’s anger.” When criticized, Phelps’ followers say they are protected in doing so by the First Amendment. Phelps is the pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), an independent Baptist church in Topeka, Kansas.

On Friday, the group will be marching at the Chabad of Great Neck located at 400 East Shore Road in Great Neck.

Counter-activists have been urging Jews to be present at the rally site in Boro Park to ensure that the Neo-Nazis attempted rally is halted before it even starts. spoke with the New York City Police Department, which stated that it was not aware of the rally, but added that NYPD officers will respond if there is a need.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. seriously. these people have been antaganozing jews all over the country for months and years. why do you only care when it effects your on daled amos? there is a world of yidden out side of NY.

  2. Do you argue with every meshugeneh you see on the street? Just ignore them.

    Anyway, there could be a sheila al pi halocho if you are allowed to get involved before davening anyway or if you could be mafsik davening for that. So unless you are davening very early, vosikin or something like that, you have to first take care of your davening.

  3. Sure right to leave it up to R’ Aviezer! He’s done a wonderful job ensuring shalom with the downstairs “Israeli” minyan & gets along beautifully with their choshuver Rav, R’ Lipa Weingarten, so handlings these people will surely be a cinch!

  4. Wow It sure seems like this new rav is generating a lot of attention! Anyone know facts about this Shul: How many mispallelim? Yeshivish? Modern? (Didn’t they host a Yom Ha’atzamos event every year) Is he a “real” Brisker?

  5. Ive seen youtube videos abt them…its really not a big deal its a church of less than 100 ppl 90% are family memebers- like a cult…they are totally not credible and no other church or religious group support or agree with them to the contrary everyone think they are crazy…
    10-12 ppl come to protest…all anyone should do is totally ignore them… Read More…anything else is feeding into thier craziness and mind you they are not only neo nazis they are anti america – eg: they protest soldier funerals bc they believe supporting and fighting for the US (a country that allows gays to live freely etc) is wrong and that if gd makes a soldier fall its because hes a sinner…
    Also they support themselves by suing anyone who harrassed them while they protest so i would def not do that.

  6. Excuse the typos and the lack of clarity in the previous post…I tyoed that VERY fast while at work but the point should have gotten across…

  7. It really is a mystery why these nuts would target Shomrei Emunah of all places.

    (Of course these meshuguim shouldn’t target anyone.)

    Their chief galakh is constantly darshening against mishkov zokhor. (Shomrei Emuneh which is an orthodox synagogue and certainly not in favor of mishkov zokhor. Of course these meshuguim are against Yeedin in general.)

    The police should be notified.
    According to the ADL this group likes to protest everywhere. (They even target churches.) Ah gut gebensht yohr. Hashem Yeh-rakhem!

  8. I will wipe out every single one of these mamzeirim, will not be running anywhere anymore, Jews must stand up for themselves and not run away from these mamzeirim!!!!

  9. They can do nothing
    We have hashem turn to hashem and we are untouchable.
    Every jew around the world needs to always remeber that.
    There is nothing besides hashem…ein od melibado


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